First post for 2008…

This is my first post for the year 2008. Sorry for being silent for the past few weeks.  I was quite busy with work; hopefully I could offer more and better posts this year. Anyways, to continue with last year’s feature on homegrown talent, I give you a couple more bands from the Brave New World era and another who I believe is a hybrid of Filipino and American descent. Check it out. 

Philippine Violators – At Large!

 The name says it all: Violate! Well, musically speaking that is. Just playing their own style of hardcore at that time, Philippine Violators rose to fame making songs that deal with politics, religion, education, etc. Actually they don’t care a damn thing about them but still their lyrics talk a great deal about it (???). Anyways, frankly speaking this is not a good album for me at that time, only a few good moments. Maybe because it’s quite raw and they we’re still having fun. It took me decades to listen to another release by this band. Maybe I thought first impressions last. It’s a good thing I give time to listen to some for want of something new. Because when I listened to Sikat na si Pedro and Balanse, I was dumbfounded. I can’t believe this is the same punk band who sings “Who the hell needs society, you can’t eat it anyway” back in those days. Although the lyrics are still quite simple, now it gives a wider perspective and deals with a more complex subject. How about the music? Melodic and powerful, quite anthemic on some with sing along choruses on most. Splendid. Now back to the featured album. Actually, those two albums mentioned made me dig deep in my stash again and take my copy of this album out. I knew it needs another spin. Just wanna check again if I missed something because it passed me by or because it simply wasn’t there. Care to join me? 

Wuds – Gera

 This is one of two albums released by Wuds under Tone Def, the other being Nakaupo sa Puso. Just one listen to this tape and I’m sure about it. This is vintage Wuds. The lyrics here deal with peace/war, love/hate and God. Folk-rock inspired punk? Call it what you will, this is music to my ears. Very Filipino, indeed. By the way, check out the track Radio-Friendly, it’s about making music just for the sole purpose of being popular. It doesn’t matter if deep down its garbage, as long as the masses will love it. Very true around here where artists think they should know more how to act rather than sing. This song in itself makes this album that good. Not that I’m saying that the others are bad. They are fine as well; it’s just that this particular track got me hooked with this album. Check it out for yourself. One more thing, this is not my rip, and it’s missing a track. My apologies, give me time to rip mine and I’ll re-upload soon. 

Signal 3 – Kingsley United 

Honestly, I know nothing about this band other than they are based in the US. I think this is their 2nd release, the other being Convergence Zone. I like this better, honest to goodness oi/punk music, the way I like it: anthemic and patriotic. Check out this info about them: 

Sa wakas, after almost 3 years, the typhoon has come back! “Kingsley United”, Signal 3’s follow-up to 1998’s “Convergence Zone,” is a 9-song collection of expressed feelings & emotions, beliefs & idelology. Its about time!!!! This album takes you on a musical journey from punk rock to oi to ska to oi again…puro oi!The album gives you the boot with the title track, “Kingsley United,” probably the band’s personal theme song. “Kapit Kamay” is a straightforward Tagalog punk rock song that despite thousands of miles away, SN3 sends out the message of support & tackles the issues of the everyday hardships of laborers in the motherland. Appropriate song for Labor Day protests (not that I promote it ok..heheh – lsd). Make sure to check out one of the coolest “Lupang Hinirang” riffs ever recorded! “Power and Glory” is more of a Pinoy-centric thing yet it makes us realize that no matter what race/color we are, we got to be proud & down with it! In this case, “Pinoy Pride” till death! Patriotically-correct, this is definitely a classic Pinoi Oi anthem. The struggle continues with “Working Class” & “Runnin’ with the Boys” but the boot stompin’ doesn’t stop here. “Ginto o Tanso” is one of my favorite tracks. It’s their take on ska-punk which starts off with a classic rocksteady beat & goes on rockin’ the way you’d sweat it skankin with the rudies in a pit! The sometimes off-key vocals is just simply great. This is Signal 3’s “who cares-I want it this way” attitude in recording. Punk rockers will surely dig “Just Like You” & “Gun Control.” The latter is classic old school hardcore…fast & furious! Great message (though it’s so fast I couldn’t even understand it..heheheh). The last track is a re-recording of their classic, “Spirit of Rebellion” which reveals a more melodic version yet the intensity is kept intact it’s still “radio-unfriendly.” Though the album somehow marks their not-so departure from their thrash/speed roots, SN3 music here is still defined by raw, intense & angst-filled socio-political chaos. This is Signal 3 in a musically-matured stage. The entire album is very good except for the fact that it only boasts 9 cuts! Bitin!!! That’s it in 3 years?!!! Dang! Put away the booze & write more songs damn it!!!..heheheh! But then again, as long as they remind us to “raise our fists for the red, white & blue…and raise our voices for the sun & stars,” that’s fine with me. Itaguyod Lokalpin-Oi power! — SCHIZO 

By the way, I have no tracklist to accompany the file. So do yourselves a favor and figure out the tracks using the information given above.


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    January 13, 2008 at 12:26 am

  3. i see the Ocean Zoo 45 is in heavy rotation right now!!!. any chance of posting this GEM, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    January 18, 2008 at 5:09 am

  4. myfatetohate

    Hey Wedge! I don’t have a ripped copy at the moment, I don’t have the means to rip a record. But I know a friend who has and I’ll ask for a copy. Stay tuned. And thanks for dropping by again. = >

    January 19, 2008 at 10:47 am

  5. not a problem. i check your blog about 2-3 times a week. even the stuff you post i already have is cool to check out.

    any chance your friend also has the Third World Chaos 7″ep??!!??

    January 22, 2008 at 2:29 am

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