Extreme Noise Terror – Damage 381


This album features Barney Greenway on vocals. This was the time when he was momentarily booted out of Napalm Death. Maybe the ND guys thought that it was such a waste to let Barney go so they decided to re-hire him, hehe. Anyways, you would think that with Barney at the vocals here that it would definitely sound a bit like ND. Well, in my opinion, Barney’s vocals here seemed a little bit tamed. On some songs even, I swear that this sounds a bit like Benediction (for those who don’t know, a death metal band who at one time also featured Barney as singer). No crust here folks, just plain fast, growly and heavy “metal”. By the way, just so you know, the album is so called because the title track was measured at 381 beats per minute on a metronome. Whatever that means.

Extreme Noise Terror – Damage 381


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