Gore Beyond Necropsy – Noise-A-Go-Go


What the…!? 52 tracks in just a span of 25+ minutes!?!? Well, someboy’s in a hurry. Featuring Gore Beyond Necropsy, a grindcore band hailing from Japan. This is one fast, messy, gorey, noisy and chaotic release. It also has a very sick album cover. In other words, a great blending of grindcore shit. The only downside in this album is that it’s over before you get to “feel” the songs. Is there something to feel? I guess that’s the trouble with grind huh? Always, “bitin”. Aaaaaarrrrrgh…

Gore Beyond Necropsy – Noise a Go Go

By the way, Mediafire is goofing up so I used Rapidshare on this one. Enjoy!


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