Poison Idea – The Early Years


Here’s a review about this CD from a certain Chris taken from Poison Idea’s page on KFTH. I’m quite blank today so my apologies for being lazy. Besides his review will probably still be better than mine.

“A really large collection of unreleased songs, demo/alternate versions, and live stuff, from the early- to mid-eighties. Most of it is great (although a lot of the songs are available elsewhere), and the overall sound quality is good. Unfortunately the booklet doesn’t have lyrics or any information on where or when the different songs were recorded, but the majority of the stuff on this CD comes from their ’82 demo and a live-on-the-radio set from ’83. Something strange: On the tracklist songs 9 and 19 are called “This Thing Called Progress”, but it’s actually “Bounce the Rubble” – a great song from their 1982 demo.”

Poison Idea – The Early Years


One response

  1. Great band and a great collection of songs!

    September 13, 2010 at 2:17 am

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