MFTH Vol 8 (Steamhammer Compilation)

I found this 2 Lp compilation album on a sale bin sometime ago. Steamhammer Compilation it says on the cover, the future of metal. Under SPV records, it consists of mostly thrash bands from Europe, mostly from Germany. Great line up I must say. It’s in this album where I found out about Hobb’s Angel of Death. That mean, wicked thrash band from down under. Other cool bands include Napalm, Soothsayer, Sieges Even, etc. I’ve compiled my own version of this release, getting only those that I like. While the tracks offered here are impressive, I encourage you to check out their full albums or contact me if you want to check out first and buy later. In the meantime, LET’s THRASH!!

Evildead – Parricide
Sodom – Ausgebombt
Hobb’s Angel of Death – Marie Antoinette
Napalm – Practice What You Preach
Assassin – Abstract War
Sieges Even – David
Indestroy – Instant Insanity
Steel Fury – No More
Soothsayer – Buzz Fly



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