Agnostic Front – Last Warning

Supposedly Agnostic Front’s last offering until they reformed years later, Last Warning is a live album release much like the better Live at CBGB’s. I was saying better because they we’re younger when they recorded CBGB’s. This one also featured more of the good tracks that AF became noted for (Your Mistake, Victim in Pain, Last Warning, Toxic Shock etc). Now why would you grab this if you already have their initial live album? Well, for one, it has a mighty fine recording quality for a live punk gig. Secondly, it has the quite limited United Blood Ep as bonus tracks. Now what would you ask for huh? Although already remastered in this release, this Ep is still raw, fast and powerful. Recipes any hardcore enthusiast would never grow tired listening to.

Tracks read 21 in all but some we’re mixed with the other songs, so it should have around 25 or more. Although this has the pretty much aged line-up, this is still a piece of nostalgic beauty because of the classic hits that are included. A very good listen and I highly recommended it.

Agnostic Front – Last Warning


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