Saccharine Trust – Paganicons

I stumbled on a post like this on another site but still decided to push through with this one mainly because of this album being one of my favorites. I hope that by doing so, no one gets offended and that what I did is for the essence of this album and not by ripping it off some other site.

My first copy of this album was on a traditionally dubbed cassette tape with Minor Threat on the A-side. At first I seem not to mind the band on this side because, well obviously Minor Threat was on the other side. But when I at last heard this release I was quite dumbfounded. I was initially attracted to the unique vocals, it seems to be weird and at some notes, kinda off beat. But interestingly weird mind you, and the off-beat tunes artistically comes out fine. The music is pretty original, guitars are very soothing yet still punk. Thanks to the brilliant Joe Baiza. This is one of the greatest classics folks, I know you’d enjoy this as much as I still do after all these years.

Saccharine Trust – PaganIcons


3 responses

  1. Perhaps it was on my site…
    How could I be mad, if anything I am mad that this album isn’t hailed as a classic. Shout it from the rooftops, man.

    May 27, 2008 at 5:21 pm

  2. myfatetohate

    Ah, I love a man with good taste. But it was on another site, but hey…that means there are more of us who totally agree about this killer. Thanks for dropping by and consider yourself linked!

    May 27, 2008 at 11:16 pm

  3. Brian

    Hey. Cool to see props to Saccharine Trust. Any way (and I know this may be a big request) you could hook me up with Saccharine Trust’s “Past Lives” and “Worldbroken”–both albums I already purchased brand spankin new back in the day. Please hit me up at if you or someone you know can help me with this. Either way, thanks so much for your time.

    March 18, 2010 at 10:50 pm

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