Review: VA – More Than the X on Our Hands Compilation

No downloads here, just a review. I got this compilation about a month ago from a very good friend named Rommel. Pretty good bargain too. Great selection of fine straight edge bands from around the world. Kinda modern day MRR Presents Welcome to 1984 or PEACE type of compilation. 41 good bands from 41 different countries offering a powerful track each. Most of the bands I haven’t heard of. There are only a few that I know of including Good Clean Fun, Fuerza X, Vitamin X (good band!) and of course our very own bet: FEUD.

Now what I’ve noticed is that some straight edge musical style on this compilation differs from that of the good ol’ days. Back then, straight edge bands play a bit of a hardcore style only, at least from the ones that I’ve already heard. But here it seems there’s a mix of hardcore, punk, and even powerviolence playing straight edge themes. It seems that the music has really evolved. Very interesting. This is a fine compilation and the only let down here is that it’s on a 6×7″ format. Each side consisting of 4 tracks at the most. Not that convenient in my opinion because you get to flip or change the record every say 5 minutes? It could have gotten away clean for me if it we’re an Lp or even a CD. Anyways, this is still a good compilation because the bands are too good that it’s a shame not checking it out. It also clearly and surprisingly show how this movement already reached every corner of the globe.


One response

  1. timothy

    where can i buy this compilation?

    July 5, 2010 at 10:13 pm

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