Nuclear Assault – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon

Ah, the legendary Hammersmith Odeon. If you’re a band and you had the pleasure of playing here, then you’re big. Can we say the same for Nuclear Assault? Hell yeah! This live album here is the straight audio version of the album Handle with Care. Unfortunately, some tracks we’re deleted for this CD. That album was good, in fact it was a smashing follow up to Survive. One of my fave NA albums. Now you’d think that with a good review for that album, then this live version will probably fare the same. Think again, somehow it seems NA didn’t deliver well this time. It’s really a shame because the tracks are really good but somehow this really doesn’t make that much impact. Still if you wanna hear the album Handle with Care through a different version, then this is worth checking out. It also features a few songs not from HWC so maybe there’s something different there. You be the judge.

Nuclear Assault – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon


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