Grip, Inc – Nemesis

I’m in a hurry, so I searched for a better review for this album. Anyways, I only have a few things to say about this post. Good band, good album. Get it!

The second album from this four piece group brings together a variety of ideas from each member resulting in a very modern aggressive sound for the 90’s. Dave Lombardo has proven he can develop songs which are different from most thrash era bands, and compete with his former band Slayer to some degree. With the help of guitarist/producer Waldemar Sorychta, Grip have maintained their heavy approach and have introduced new ideas involving guitar melody and experimental keyboards and sythesizers, which happen to work and sound great. Lombardo’s unusual beats and other experimental patterns go better with these songs like “myth or man” than their debut album. ” Scream at the Sky” is an impressive song which has a totally new and different sound than their earlier songs with atmospheric qualities similar to Pink Floyd and therefore stands out. The opening to ” The Summoning” is mythical sounding in the guitar playing and is backed up later by heavy rhythm . The short Slayer like song “Portrait of Henry” has a demented guitar riff with Lombardo pummeling the drum kit with precision. The vocalist Gus Chambers does his job well and also adds more spirit to the music making his presence known to any listener. A very strong , diverse album but at the same time consistent throughout and inspiring to listen to. The combination of Dave Lombardo’s experience with the creative work of Waldemar Sorychta make Grip a superior band and something to look out for in the future. – Jim Hamilton

Grip, Inc – Nemesis



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