VA – Seven Gates of Horror (A Tribute to Possessed)

Here’s a quick one, and although a little bit late, a fitting post for Halloween. A tribute album to a legendary band. One of my favorite metal bands of all time. Could very well be the ones who started it all: the one, the only Possessed. Check out the versions of these bands and find out why they worship these metal thrashers from hell. A must download for every metalhead.

Those who are familiar with the history of metal will agree that Possessed changed the extreme metal scene in 1985 with their album ‘Seven Churches’, being an over-the-top album in speed & image when it was released. The album more or less led to the birth of death metal (this being the name of a Possessed song, covered here by Vader) & influenced bands such as Morbid Angel & Death. This record is a tribute to Possessed, with some of the most respected names in the scene paying tribute to this legendary act! & those old songs have not lost any of their glory…so much is for sure! 13 Possessed tracks covered by the likes of Cannibal Corpse, God Dethroned, Angel Corpse, Amon Amarth & more. – Karmageddon Media

VA – Seven Gates of Horror (A Tribute to Possessed)


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