Dag Nasty – Minority of One


I really don’t know that much about Dag Nasty. All I know is that they are a DC hardcore band and that one of it’s forming members was Brian Baker of Minor Threat and Bad Religion fame. I bought this CD a few years ago and was included in a lot of other CDs which included the Rites of Spring 1st album, Embrace, Agnostic Front’s One Voice and GB’s Start Today. So maybe you could say that I got a hold of this one because I have to buy it as a lot. But as I get to listen to it over and over, I found out that this is not a bad album after all. It seems a bit contemporary for my taste, maybe because it’s too melodic but I have grown to like it nonetheless. Here’s a better review for you to check out:

Minority of One happened to be D.C. punk legends Dag Nasty’s first album in ten years, following the lackluster Four on the Floor EP released through Epitaph in 1992. Where Four on the Floor’s production woes held these emocore originators from truly shining, Minority of One glowed with fiery dedication to one’s craft. Although it was 16 years since Dag Nasty first came together, they seemed to still have the spark that boosted them to such independent heights; the songwriting and musical achievements captured on this album were stupendous. Straightforward, melodically enhanced punk rock at its best is heard on these 11 tracks. Dave Smalley’s vocals were still as blunt and pleasing to the ear, and Brian Baker’s melodic guitar melted the heart with its intense sincerity. Even after all the time apart, Dag Nasty returned with an album that may be the best release in their career, proving that these musicians were still at the head of the pack, pulling on your emotions while moving the blood through one’s veins; if only all emocore was this enjoyable and accessible. – AllMusic

Dag Nasty – Minority of One


One response

  1. I prefer the “Can I say” LP, but this also is very good!
    Good post bro

    November 12, 2008 at 10:53 pm

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