UK Subs – Gross Out USA


I haven’t gotten the chance to prepare something special for my 100th post. Actually I haven’t thought of something yet so I guess it’ll have to wait, hehe. In the meantime, here’s one of the UK Subs better live albums (that I know of). This album was my first taste of Charlie and the gang. Yep, the first songs from the UK Subs that I heard of were live versions so I like the versions here better. Not that I don’t like the studio ones but maybe I just grew more accustomed to this live album. This is a pretty good live album in my opinion. Good tracks complemented with good production. I think this was initially released on vinyl only. My friend loaned me this cd so I was able to rip it. It’s was ripped as one file only so you’ll have to listen to it from start to finish. Methinks it’s better that way. Anyways, dig in folks. This one classic live album from one of the legends of UK punk and you have got to have this. Cheers!

UK Subs – Gross Out USA


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