Je Bautista, RIP…

I have been in hiatus for quite some time now. Supposedly, I should’ve posted something last week but opted for another week of silence because I still have to sort my cds and records up. As you all have known, I was busy renovating. Anyways, if I have known my first post for a long time will be news like this, then I would prefer to lurk forever. Je Bautista, former Absolute Zero, Betrayed, (new) Music Front bassist passed away last Saturday, April 4. This is terrible news. I’ve known Je personally since the Timebomb days and always I see him as a jolly fellow, always being nice even to people he barely know. I remember personally meeting Je for the first time at the Timebomb Christmas party. I was hesitant to attend because I fear I would be alienated, be out of place, partly because I really don’t know anyone at that time. Je proved me wrong, he welcomed me like  we’ve already known each for a long time. After that encounter, I would always be at a Timebomb show if I can. And Je would always ask me if I have a cd with me so he can have it played on the air. Those we’re good moments, man. A pity it didn’t last for long because the show went off the air, but those we’re really good times.

Farewell brother, thank you for all the memories. You will surely be missed. Cheers…


One response

  1. Boy Banzon

    May Je rest in peace.. and a lot of thanks for sharing his talent, without which, I would have never enjoyed my teen years.. How I wish he’s still alive, but I guess God never meant it to be that way…..

    April 21, 2009 at 12:46 pm

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