Sunday Morning Einsteins – Swedish Hardcore Must Die


Sunday Morning Einsteins formed for reasons that noone seems to remember during the last half of the 90’s. The early years sucked pretty bad anyway, so who cares? Let’s fastforward a bit. Today SME’s the best thing that happened to your musical taste since earplugs! The band consists of five gentlemen that likes Discharge more than you (admit it, you think the’re too noisy, but you’re worried what your friends would say..) There’s been loads of members passing through over the years and we predict that pretty soon everyone in the Stockhom punkscene will have been a member at one point or another. We got more “ex-members-of-points” than you can shake a stick at, but then again who doesn’t these days… SME is not what you’d call the most active band in the world. 5 gigs in one year used to be considered pretty hectic and stressful, but 2003 saw the band expanding its horizons with a small scandi- navian tour together with Artimus Pyle. This was a huge success, even though we never really solved the burning question of the proper definition of hardbread vs crackers. All this made SME pick up the pace, change a few members, and plan for the future. A new album was recorded and released on Prank and a new tour with AP, this time in the US, was planned. This time the word will be spread on a new continent, but the mission’s still the same Swedish Hardcore Must DIE! – Charlie (

Sunday Morning Einsteins – Swedish Hardcore Must Die


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