Peter and the Test Tube Babies – Journey to the Center of Johnny Clarke’s Head

PTTB - Journey

Calling this an album by Peter & the Test Tube Babies is really pushing it. Calling this a collection of phone messages, interviews, demos, and other throwaway items is more like it. Originally a cassette-only release for the Test Tubes’ fan club, its appearance on CD will be adored by band devotees and abhorred by practically anyone else. Not that it is entirely worthless, though. There are some fun bits, like the funky “Go for It,” a scorching live “Banned From the Pubs,” a memory-taunting early-’80s L.A. radio advert for a Test Tubes gig (with support from the Adicts amongst others!), and a few other delights. Apart from that, the “funny” bits are worth hearing once, but they don’t make you laugh hard enough to come back for seconds. Compiled by bandmembers Del and Ogs, this is nothing more than a curiosity. It may not be worth pulling out of your collection and entertaining family and friends with, but if you are a fan, then you should at least listen to it. If you are NOT a fan, buy practically any (every?) other Peter & the Test Tube Babies album except this one, such as Soberphobia, The Mating Sounds of South American Frogs, or some sort of compilation. – AllMusic

So much for good reviews, huh? 

Peter & the Test Tube Babies – Journey to the Center of Johnny Clarke’s Head


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  1. This was my introduction to Peter & The Test Tube Babies & I never went back for more. I was put off by all the non musical tracks, but maybe I will give them a second chance I liked the song Keep Britain Untidy.

    June 23, 2010 at 12:17 am

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