Cryptic Slaughter – Speak Your Peace

Cryptic Slaughter was a Santa Monica, CA punk/hardcore band formed by Les Evans, Scott Peterson and Adam Scott. After a colorful career and 3 awesome albums across their name, they called it quits. Shortly after Les moved to Oregon and reformed the band with 3 new members along with former Wehrmacht drummer Brian Lehfeldt and recorded Speak Your Peace, their fourth and final album. While their earlier releases boast of raw hardcore style of music at break-neck speed, this one here displays a rather thrash crossover style with longer tracks and detailed rythm and lead guitars. Not really at par when compared with their first 3 releases, especially Convicted and Money Talks w/c are both cult classics in their own right, but this album is still a good listen in my opinion. A must have item for the CS fan and a recommended listen for the thrash metalhead;

Cryptic Slaughter – Speak Your Peace


One response

  1. You brought me good memories.

    December 7, 2009 at 1:08 am

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