Long weekend…

Howdy folks, it’s going to be a long weekend on this part of the globe. Our Muslim brothers are celebrating the end of Ramadan so the government declared that tomorrow be a holiday. Whooopeee! Looking back the past week, hmmm not quite much happened in my favor, hah!. I just came off a traumatic experience with a very, very  good friend. Details are too personal to elaborate on the net so let’s just say that it’s just another closed chapter in my life.  Come to think of it, it may have done more good than harm on my part., hehe Anyways, i’m so glad everything’s back to normal.

What else? Oh, Amorphis is still on heavy rotation on my iPod. Namely, Am Universum and Far from the Sun. Is it just me or am i the only one who thinks that Pasi’s vocals are better than Tomi J’s? I mean,  with Pasi singing, the songs are more pyschedelic and refined, which i like better that way, whilst it’s more raw and loud with Tomi. Too 80’s death metal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I also like the albums with Tomi singing, but i feel that it’s with Pasi that the distinctive sound of Amorphis was known. But of course, to each his own right?

Body’s in major, major pain right now. Just came from  a gruelling basketball practice the other day. And for me, i guess age is starting to  take it’s toll, hehe. Anyways, we are still on a roll and with new outlook and training, I’m sure we have a strong chance in getting what we want. Don’t just reach for the goal, reach for the SKY. Whooopeeee!

Wi-fi connection has been taken from me at the office. Darn! So expect longer gaps of posting. I still have to bypass internet restrictions. As i don’t have my own personal PC, i have to rent one in order to upload files to post. So bear with moi ok? I think i have a very classic punk/hardcore compilation as my next post. And to surprise everybody, something from the 70’s pinoy rock. So be sure to visit regularly to find out. Anyways, download is about to be completed so i guess it’s ta-ta for now. See you guys next week and stay tuned for another interesting post. Cheers and more beer!….Happy weekend punks!


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