King Ly Chee – Stand Strong

King Ly Chee (yep, you heard it folks) is a Hong Kong hardcore act.  They played here in the Philippines around 2007 as support for NOFX’s Pacific Rim Tour. I was able to watch that gig and it was a blast, one to really remember. This is their 2003 release and is characterized by a fusion of hardcore, punk and metal influences. Well, most bands today are like that. Infusing every genre, experimenting some sorts. Well, for KLC’s part, they do it very well. Often utilizing dual vocal style and riffing hyper speed guitars with melodic choruses, this band’s objective,  according to vocalist Riz Farooqi is to make the musical sensibilities and DIY ethic of punk rock accessible to new listeners from outside the insular expat-oriented rock scene in which it had previously flourished. Whew! Quite a mouthful huh? But full of sense in every way. Find out if they’ve succeeded, i think they did. Cheers!

King Ly Chee – Stand Strong


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