VA – Not So Quiet on the Western Front

As promised,  here is a classic hardcore compilation put out by Jeff Bale and Tim Yohannon in 1982 through Maximum Rock and Roll. Originally released as a 2xLP that year, it was re-issued by Jeff’s label Sonic Reducer in 1999. 47 tracks in as much as 47 bands, after being out-of-print for around 10 years is here again to re-live the glory that is punk. It features bands from the Northern California and Nevada region, with previously released tracks at that time. Most are classic and killer cuts while the others are not so bad at all. Like the originally released LP back then, the CD comes with a thick inlay sort of mag of the first MRR issue. Yum! This is a must have compilation for the hardcore punks out there. Not convinced? Read the back inlay: If punk is dead? Then what the hell is this?…

Work-out a little folks and be the one to search for the tracklist. It’s a 47 track CD fer goddsakes. Enjoy!

VA – Not so quiet on the Western Front


One response

  1. chris

    Just to let you know, this is actually still in print on Alternative Tentacles (it’s the first result of a google search for “not so quiet on the western front”). Not saying take the files down, but you can also buy it on CD or digital download if you want to support the label that originally released it.

    September 16, 2010 at 6:58 pm

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