House Arrest…

I was on “house arrest” for a couple of weeks. The reason? Conjunctivitis. Or more popularly known as sore eyes. Damn this virus. I could contend with a flu or fever, but not this one. It’s so damn irritating if you’re contaminated with this virus. The strain that struck me could be the worst i had. My eyes were bloody red, literally. You could mistake me for a vampire in the Twilight saga if not for my complexion. Anyways, I missed a lot during those 2 weeks. I even missed the championship game of our basketball team. What could be more frustrating than that? But now I’m cured and back on track again. Just finished uploading a few files on the web. Posting will be this week or the next so stay tuned for that.

Went to Quiapo on the second week of my house arrest. Ok, ok…i need to get out people, just for a while. I was recovering anyways, redness was out except for a little uneasiness. You could just imagine how I felt when I first went out after those gruelling and boring days alone in my pad. Passed by Globe restaurant on my way to Carriedo. The “lumpia” they serve there is, after all these years, still very delicious. I remember, my Dad used to bring me there for a nice meal of “lumpia” before going to Sta. Cruz market to visit his folks.  He had a sister there who had a stall and sells relief goods. That place my friends, were home to the very first “ukay-ukays”. Ah, those we’re the days indeed. After treading Avenida Rizal (I prefer calling it that instead of Rizal Avenue, it sounds classic), I checked out a few DVDs at Arlegui, not quite fortunate as there were no new titles on display, same old stuff as the last time I was there. And then I went on to Recto and searched for CDs and more DVDs at this stall in Tandem. Or was it Cartimar? Anyways, still no luck. So I decided to take a cab and went straight home. But not after a sip of coffee at this Cafe in SM Sky Garden. It’s just across from where I live anyways. I like that place a lot, it’s not crowded, it’s quiet, it looks very simple and they offer sugar-free beverages, guilt-free they call it. For those who are watching their weight. They also serve a mean Sansrival and it goes well with Hazelnut flavored coffee. Mmm-mm. I’m starting to get hungry now, so until the next time punks. I have a very good skate punk band from San Jose, CA, a home-grown metal band and a very sought-after compilation involving alternative artists against the WTO in store for you. Can’t wait? Well be back once in a while to find out. Dave here signing off. Cheers!


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