Meat Puppets at the Mardi Gras

When i was looking for my ripped copy of the Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers split, I came across this compressed file of the Meat Puppets Live at the Mardi Gras. I can’t actually remember how i got this one, and frankly forgot all about it already. Pretty fine audio recording for a boot, if this is indeed one. Now, the Meat Puppets need no introductions and I’m somewhat running out of free time already so I guess I must leave you punks to figure it all out for yourselves. Happy weekend to all ye out there.

Meat Puppets at the Mardi Gras

PS. Picture above isn’t really from the Mardi Gras gig (i think). And leave a comment people, it’s my Christmas wish from you. Cheers!


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