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Whosoever wields this hammer…

I am a big comics fan. I’ve been collecting it since God knows when. I stopped at one point, but resumed collecting and stopped again. Luckily there are downloadable comics in the internet for those who can’t afford anymore. Now with the superhero live action movies a reality nowadays, it’s really awesome to see your favorite superheroes come to life in the big screen. X-Men, Iron man, The Incredible Hulk, etc. The latest installment is The Mighty Thor. One of my all time faves. When news hit the streets that Thor is in the making, i can’t wait to see it. Last week came that moment and honestly, it wasn’t a disappointment. The live action movie was not bad. Although there are only a few action scenes, the portrayal of Thor is in my opinion, done fairly. And watching it in 3D was a plus. Damn, the effects were awesome. Chris Helmsworth maybe a begginner but he did the Norse God of thunder justice in donning the mystic mallet in the movie. Anthony Hopkins did a fine portrayal of Odin too. What am I thinking? It’s Anthony Hopkins for chrissakes, of course he did! Although in my knowledge, he lost that eye when he gave it in return for some knowledge he seek. But that’s just me. The Norse gang were complete too.  Lady Sif, Volstagg, etc (but where is Brave Balder?). Mjolnir was so, so amazing, reading it in the comics doing this and that and finally seeing it on live action is really awesome.  Breathtaking. You might think that i may be overreacting, but ask any comics lover and they’ll tell you the same. Now with the team maybe complete (Hawkeye made a cameo appearance in the movie, and Captain America is soon to hit the stands), the next live action movie from Marvel may very well be The Avengers. Now that’s something to watch. I’m sure it would be one helluva movie. Next stop? Captain America: The First Avenger.

Meat Puppets at the Mardi Gras

When i was looking for my ripped copy of the Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers split, I came across this compressed file of the Meat Puppets Live at the Mardi Gras. I can’t actually remember how i got this one, and frankly forgot all about it already. Pretty fine audio recording for a boot, if this is indeed one. Now, the Meat Puppets need no introductions and I’m somewhat running out of free time already so I guess I must leave you punks to figure it all out for yourselves. Happy weekend to all ye out there.

Meat Puppets at the Mardi Gras

PS. Picture above isn’t really from the Mardi Gras gig (i think). And leave a comment people, it’s my Christmas wish from you. Cheers!

Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers Split

This is a re-post from a previous one. The links from that post are already dead so i decided to re-upload the tracks and this time it’s somewhat convenient because it’s all in a compressed file. Enjoy!

From the same overamplified home electronics realm as Shizuo and Rancid Hell Spawn, Gerty Farish records Casio noises, screamed vocals and three-chord guitar runs through blaring fuzz. Like its peers, Farish knows a sense of humor is the best way to approach this kind of music. The jacket of Save the Ants, a split release with Pissed Officers, is die cut for the purpose urged in the title. Jess Daniels and John Donahue, who emerged from Boston’s WHRB Record Hospital school of obnoxious punk teachings, shoot through eight noise-pop fun songs with delirious glee. –

Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers Split

Bad Burn – Bound by Blood

Good death/thrash metal band from this side of the globe. My apologies, i don’t have that much info on them, shame on me considering that this band is homegrown talent. I can’t even find the image that i got from this CD, jeez. Anyways, this album is highly recommended for download. One of the best locally released metal from the 90’s (?). Not that only a handful of this genre we’re only released commercially on that era that i know of, it’s just that this band rips big time. Fast, aggressive and mind-blowing lyrics. What more could you ask for?

Bad Burn – Bound by Blood

Profanatica / Masacre Split CD

Profanatica is an American Black Metal band formed sometime in 1990. They we’re former members of Incantation. One notable member from this band is vocalist and drummer Paul Ledney, who later on formed his one-man band Havohej. Four tracks of unrelentless, blasphemous, Machiavellian hate. No doubt one of my favorite black metal bands. This “side” of Profanatica is entitled Tormenting Holy Flesh, now if that isn’t unholy enough i don’t know what is. The other band in this split is Colombian Masacre (note the single “s”). Maybe not to be confused with the Floridan Death Metal band. Pretty decent death metal band if i may say so, utilizing the famed twin vocal style, the other somewhat similar to Mitch Harris’ screeching style. Their side is entitled Ola de Violencia which translates to Wave of Violence. Now a track from each Ep was included in the locally released death metal compilation Certified Death, that’s why when i saw this on the rack of a record store i unhesitantly grabbed it, literally. Now enjoy this one my satanic followers and spread the word…

Profanatica / Masacre Split CD

Tillers of the Land…

This beauty arrived just last week at the mail. No other than Paul Curran of Maximum Rock and Roll Radio sent me this piece of vinyl when I requested for a copy of AR’s other segment at their show. He said he had an extra copy and will send it to me if I like. Now who would say no to that? Anyways, I can’t thank Paul enough, his kind are rare nowadays. Cheers and beers to you Paul, thanks so much!

Going to the record, I noticed that the versions here are different than those at the cassette comps. Honestly? I think the ones at the comps are better, quality and version wise. But still this is a good find, I was hunting for this 7inch at eBay but to no avail. I’m just not sure if this is still available at Astral Anarchy’s site. I saw one at an auction from the Netherlands but the shipping is too much. Jeez! Just another cool item to add to my measly collection. Any more info from this band? Anyone?

VA – Rock Against the Round (Musicians Against the WTO)

I got this compilation from a friend a few years ago. It was sealed at that time and never got to open it until recently. Well, most tracks on this comp are available commercially, but what really caught my attention was the Wuds’ Republika de Lata. Awesome song, I had a chance to watch them play this live at Luis Guiang’s death anniversary at the former Purple Haze bar at Morato. Truly a great band in their own right. Other notables here is of course Datu’s Tribe, who I also had the chance to see live playing this song at a Dredd Mock Award. TBOD of course is also a killer in this comp, Strap on Seven Inch too. And the usual suspects…Agaw-Agimat, former Dead End Lourd de Veyra’s band Radioactive Sago Project, Einstein Chakras etc. Check out the track list here. Download it now for your listening pleasure. I’m outta here…

VA – Rock Against the Round (Musicians Against the WTO)

The Faction – Collection 2 (Uncollectable)

The Faction were a hardcore punk band from San Jose, California. They were one of the original skate rock bands who incorporate two of the things they love doing most, skateboarding and punk rock. Exceptional musicians, they are also talented skateboarders. Steve Caballero, Gavin O’Brien, Adam Segal, Craig Bosch etc., are all accomplished skateboarders.

The Faction recorded 34 studio songs from 1982 to 1985. 28 of those were compiled and made it to the Faction Collection 1, the 6 tracks that never made it to that comp were included here. Plus a few demos, outtakes and a live recording. Even if you are a skate  rock ala-Los Olvidados, Drunk Injuns, JFA, Big Boys etc, or a punk fanatic, this collection is a must have. Unless you already have every record or cd. The Faction are a great band and not to have it in your collection is a mortal sin. Now enjoy it punks while you can. Cheers!

The Faction – Collection 2 (Uncollectable)

House Arrest…

I was on “house arrest” for a couple of weeks. The reason? Conjunctivitis. Or more popularly known as sore eyes. Damn this virus. I could contend with a flu or fever, but not this one. It’s so damn irritating if you’re contaminated with this virus. The strain that struck me could be the worst i had. My eyes were bloody red, literally. You could mistake me for a vampire in the Twilight saga if not for my complexion. Anyways, I missed a lot during those 2 weeks. I even missed the championship game of our basketball team. What could be more frustrating than that? But now I’m cured and back on track again. Just finished uploading a few files on the web. Posting will be this week or the next so stay tuned for that.

Went to Quiapo on the second week of my house arrest. Ok, ok…i need to get out people, just for a while. I was recovering anyways, redness was out except for a little uneasiness. You could just imagine how I felt when I first went out after those gruelling and boring days alone in my pad. Passed by Globe restaurant on my way to Carriedo. The “lumpia” they serve there is, after all these years, still very delicious. I remember, my Dad used to bring me there for a nice meal of “lumpia” before going to Sta. Cruz market to visit his folks.  He had a sister there who had a stall and sells relief goods. That place my friends, were home to the very first “ukay-ukays”. Ah, those we’re the days indeed. After treading Avenida Rizal (I prefer calling it that instead of Rizal Avenue, it sounds classic), I checked out a few DVDs at Arlegui, not quite fortunate as there were no new titles on display, same old stuff as the last time I was there. And then I went on to Recto and searched for CDs and more DVDs at this stall in Tandem. Or was it Cartimar? Anyways, still no luck. So I decided to take a cab and went straight home. But not after a sip of coffee at this Cafe in SM Sky Garden. It’s just across from where I live anyways. I like that place a lot, it’s not crowded, it’s quiet, it looks very simple and they offer sugar-free beverages, guilt-free they call it. For those who are watching their weight. They also serve a mean Sansrival and it goes well with Hazelnut flavored coffee. Mmm-mm. I’m starting to get hungry now, so until the next time punks. I have a very good skate punk band from San Jose, CA, a home-grown metal band and a very sought-after compilation involving alternative artists against the WTO in store for you. Can’t wait? Well be back once in a while to find out. Dave here signing off. Cheers!

Mike Hanopol – Buhay Musikero

As a surprise for everybody, and what a surprise it is, I’ve decided to post this very classic Pinoy Rock gem. My very first Pinoy Rock post. Well, i’m a very flexible person so what the hell. This is Mike Hanopol’s first (?) album, i think he has 5 in all: The Self-titled album, Awiting Pilipino, Buksan, Buhay Amerika, Lagablab and this one, released way back in 1977. To those of you who don’t know him yet, Mike Hanopol used to sing for the very psychedelic pinoy rock group Juan dela Cruz Band. This band’s material is sought after by every rock enthusiasts, local and foreign. Try browsing ebay to see how much an album by this band will fetch in the ebay market. If I’m not mistaken, Mike sang in JDLC’s mach 2 line up. Anyways, there are no well-known tracks here like the very charismatic Laki sa Layaw. Or Kayabangan, Umiikot-ikot etc. But still this is a very good album in it’s own right. Firstly, you can’t find a copy of this anywhere. It’s a rare piece of sonuvagun. Second, this album has a rock and blues approach, maybe even more of the latter style. Very different than his newer releases. At first you wouldn’t like it because it’s kinda accumulative, to me at least. It grows in you with every listen. But once you get into it, it’s really addictive. Now this is one album every Pinoy Rock enthusiast should have. And for those who are not, especially my on-line friends out there. It’s a fine addition to your “albums to try just because”. I assure you, it’s not a disappointment. That said, I’m outta here. Stay tuned for future posts ok? And phuleeezzz people, do leave a comment. Cheers!

Mike Hanopol – Buhay Musikero

VA – Not So Quiet on the Western Front

As promised,  here is a classic hardcore compilation put out by Jeff Bale and Tim Yohannon in 1982 through Maximum Rock and Roll. Originally released as a 2xLP that year, it was re-issued by Jeff’s label Sonic Reducer in 1999. 47 tracks in as much as 47 bands, after being out-of-print for around 10 years is here again to re-live the glory that is punk. It features bands from the Northern California and Nevada region, with previously released tracks at that time. Most are classic and killer cuts while the others are not so bad at all. Like the originally released LP back then, the CD comes with a thick inlay sort of mag of the first MRR issue. Yum! This is a must have compilation for the hardcore punks out there. Not convinced? Read the back inlay: If punk is dead? Then what the hell is this?…

Work-out a little folks and be the one to search for the tracklist. It’s a 47 track CD fer goddsakes. Enjoy!

VA – Not so quiet on the Western Front

King Ly Chee – Stand Strong

King Ly Chee (yep, you heard it folks) is a Hong Kong hardcore act.  They played here in the Philippines around 2007 as support for NOFX’s Pacific Rim Tour. I was able to watch that gig and it was a blast, one to really remember. This is their 2003 release and is characterized by a fusion of hardcore, punk and metal influences. Well, most bands today are like that. Infusing every genre, experimenting some sorts. Well, for KLC’s part, they do it very well. Often utilizing dual vocal style and riffing hyper speed guitars with melodic choruses, this band’s objective,  according to vocalist Riz Farooqi is to make the musical sensibilities and DIY ethic of punk rock accessible to new listeners from outside the insular expat-oriented rock scene in which it had previously flourished. Whew! Quite a mouthful huh? But full of sense in every way. Find out if they’ve succeeded, i think they did. Cheers!

King Ly Chee – Stand Strong

Long weekend…

Howdy folks, it’s going to be a long weekend on this part of the globe. Our Muslim brothers are celebrating the end of Ramadan so the government declared that tomorrow be a holiday. Whooopeee! Looking back the past week, hmmm not quite much happened in my favor, hah!. I just came off a traumatic experience with a very, very  good friend. Details are too personal to elaborate on the net so let’s just say that it’s just another closed chapter in my life.  Come to think of it, it may have done more good than harm on my part., hehe Anyways, i’m so glad everything’s back to normal.

What else? Oh, Amorphis is still on heavy rotation on my iPod. Namely, Am Universum and Far from the Sun. Is it just me or am i the only one who thinks that Pasi’s vocals are better than Tomi J’s? I mean,  with Pasi singing, the songs are more pyschedelic and refined, which i like better that way, whilst it’s more raw and loud with Tomi. Too 80’s death metal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I also like the albums with Tomi singing, but i feel that it’s with Pasi that the distinctive sound of Amorphis was known. But of course, to each his own right?

Body’s in major, major pain right now. Just came from  a gruelling basketball practice the other day. And for me, i guess age is starting to  take it’s toll, hehe. Anyways, we are still on a roll and with new outlook and training, I’m sure we have a strong chance in getting what we want. Don’t just reach for the goal, reach for the SKY. Whooopeeee!

Wi-fi connection has been taken from me at the office. Darn! So expect longer gaps of posting. I still have to bypass internet restrictions. As i don’t have my own personal PC, i have to rent one in order to upload files to post. So bear with moi ok? I think i have a very classic punk/hardcore compilation as my next post. And to surprise everybody, something from the 70’s pinoy rock. So be sure to visit regularly to find out. Anyways, download is about to be completed so i guess it’s ta-ta for now. See you guys next week and stay tuned for another interesting post. Cheers and more beer!….Happy weekend punks!

Agrotóxico – Estado de Guerra Civil

Agrotoxico is a hardcore band based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. I first heard them on the Hangover Heartattack tribute to Poison Idea doing a cover of Punish Me. This is their 2nd release and is considered as among the best Brazilian hardcore albums ever released. Fast songs, some with a few moments of metallic lead guitars, lyrically full of hatred and anger. Check out their cover of Asta Kask’s Psykiskt Instabil. Wicked…

Agrotóxico – Estado de Guerra Civil

Mindrot – Soul

For all its tangible promise and songwriting audacity, Mindrot’s 1995 debut, Dawning, was as maddeningly schizophrenic as it was enticingly eclectic, seeming more like an anthology of unrelated tracks collected piecemeal during the group’s half-decade gestation before signing with Relapse Records than a true cohesive album. So even though it would take them nearly three years to do it, the Orange County, CA, natives were apparently determined to divest themselves of their more conspicuous musical influences — Neurosis, Paradise Lost, Fields of the Nephilim — and establish an experimental extreme metal identity of their own for sophomore album Soul. This was accomplished, by and large, with the injection of copious doses of hardcore aggression and thrash metal velocity (from whence the band originated long ago) into menacing cuts like “Nothing,” “Suffer Alone,” and “Cold Skin,” then shifting at the most unexpected of times into quiet atmospheric passages more familiar to fans of their first album. And as disconcerting as these radical dynamic shifts and emotional mood swings could be, Mindrot’s arrangements were unquestionably tighter than ever before, and vocalist Adrian Leroux’s clean vocals significantly improved since their first outing, finally on par with his powerful death growls. These harsh sonic contrasts also helped to reveal the mature subtlety with which the band was now repurposing its lingering goth and doom influences throughout more deliberate and often beautifully haunting material like “Dissipation,” “Incandescence,” and the sublime album finale, “Despair.” Ironically, in what would ultimately prove to be their career finale (they broke up mere weeks after Soul’s release), Mindrot crafted perhaps their greatest doom epic, initially buoyed by surprisingly uplifting organs before buckling under the weight of layer upon layer of increasingly depressing musical elements (piano and guitar melodies, followed by thundering power chords and raging grunts), until it lay broken and buried, much like the band’s career would be, soon enough.

After the release of Soul, in early 1998 Mindrot played its last show, unknown to anyone there or even anyone in the band. It took place at Club Mesa in Costa Mesa, California with Oxbow. No more than 30 people were in attendance included in the audience guitarist and SST mastermind Greg Ginn.

Note: I ripped the whole album in two parts. That way you can listen to each track without breaks. There aren’t anyways. This is one wicked album I tell you. Their debut is awesome and this one is a fitting follow-up. I’m not into Doom laden Metal, only a handful, and this band is an exception. Highly recommended.

Mindrot – Soul

The Berzerker – Dissimulate

From down under comes The Berzerker. Grindcore, Death Metal, Industrial Grind. Call them what you will, but this band kills big time no matter what genre you call them. It doesn’t matter at all. This is their second album and the first so far to use an actual human drummer instead of a drum machine. Well, you can’t differentiate it anyways because the drummer plays like he’s on a bottle of steroids and drumming for his life. That fast. Check out this reiview I got from Allmusic:

With a video that’s been banned from MTV on the grounds of its horrific and epilepsy-inducing imagery, the Berzerker’s Dissimulate is a truly evil album. The Australian group uses rapid-fire machine-gun beats and industrial grind riffs for a death metal record that is relentless, horrific, and potentially damaging in its assault on the listener. From the initial blast of the first track, “Disregard,” to the final cover of Carcass’ “Corporal Jigsore Quandary,” the Berzerker’s sound is layered in noise and the machinery of inhuman grind music. Not for the faint of heart, this unstoppable album redefines the boundaries of heavy metal and makes the perfect addition to the collection of any listener looking for the heaviest sounds imaginable.

Not for the faint of heart huh? Like that would stop you right? You know the drill…

The Berzerker – Dissimulate

Back with a Vengeance…

Hey friends, judging from my site’s new look, you could say that i will be blogging again. Yey! Like my new look? I thought a new perspective deserve a new appearance, so there. Bear with me ok, I am a bit rusty.

Unavoidable circumstances have prevented me from posting these past few months (or years). But it’s all over now (thank god), so now I’m back and back with a vengeance. While I was “on vacation”, I haven’t had the chance to check out new tunes that much, but I was heavily punishing my eardrums  on the Amorphis album Skyforger. Man, this album rocks, and I mean it rocks big time. Anyone who hasn’t heard of it must do so now, you don’t know what you’re missing. I highly recommend it. And the Berzerker DVD is also a must have, as is any material from them. Jeez, this band gives new meaning to the term grind. I also got a copy of the Reducers’ self titled album. Smashing power pop! Will try to post that one in the future. Watch out for that.

What else? Hmmm. Oh yeah, maybe you’ve heard about this already but we’ve just elected a new president. Well, they did actually, I voted for the other guy. But for our sake, differences should be set aside and we have to set our sights to what we should be doing for our future. Not to be sounding patriotic, but it seems logical enough, right? Anyways, do come back in the coming days because I have some pretty fine tunes to post. I may also be doing a bit of a different format for I will sometimes be posting not only music but also some views and opinions from  myself about what’s happening to me and the world around me.  I know you may or may not be interested in it but hey, it’s my blog, haha. Deal with it. Until then, cheers and more beers!….

Cryptic Slaughter – Speak Your Peace

Cryptic Slaughter was a Santa Monica, CA punk/hardcore band formed by Les Evans, Scott Peterson and Adam Scott. After a colorful career and 3 awesome albums across their name, they called it quits. Shortly after Les moved to Oregon and reformed the band with 3 new members along with former Wehrmacht drummer Brian Lehfeldt and recorded Speak Your Peace, their fourth and final album. While their earlier releases boast of raw hardcore style of music at break-neck speed, this one here displays a rather thrash crossover style with longer tracks and detailed rythm and lead guitars. Not really at par when compared with their first 3 releases, especially Convicted and Money Talks w/c are both cult classics in their own right, but this album is still a good listen in my opinion. A must have item for the CS fan and a recommended listen for the thrash metalhead;

Cryptic Slaughter – Speak Your Peace

VA – Fenriz Presents: Best of Old School Black Metal

Fenriz Presents… The Best of Old-School Black Metal is a compilation album by Darkthrone’s Fenriz featuring bands that have been highly influential for the black metal genre;

Blasphemy – “Winds of the Black Godz”

Sarcófago – “Satanic Lust”

Celtic Frost – “Dawn of Megiddo”

Nattefrost – “Sluts of Hell”

Mercyful Fate – “Evil”

Sodom – “Burst command til war”

Tormentor – “Elizabeth Bathory”

Aura Noir – “Blood Unity”

Destruction – “Curse the Gods”

Samael – “Into the Pentagram”

Bulldozer – “Whisky Time”

Mayhem – “The Freezing Moon”

Hellhammer – “The Third of the Storms”

Burzum – “Ea, Lord of the Deeps”

Venom – “Warhead”

Bathory – “Dies Irae”

VA- Fenriz Presents: Best of Old School Black Metal

Mayhem – Wolf’s Lair Abyss

Mayhem is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1984 in Oslo, Norway. They are regarded as one of the pioneers of the influential Norwegian black metal scene.

This is their 1998 Ep Wolf’s Lair Abyss with former member Maniac back to handle the vocal chores again with his inhuman, ungodly screams. This release also saw their first since guitarist Euronymous was murdered. Tracks here are technical and faster with barbaric and brutal excellence. “Elite Black Metal” according to drummer Hellhammer. Importantly, they also took the more detailed and creative step for future material to come. This blasphemous 5-tracker Ep will surely haunt the living wits out of you. Highly recommended.

Mayhem – Wolf’s Lair Abyss

Peter and the Test Tube Babies – Journey to the Center of Johnny Clarke’s Head

PTTB - Journey

Calling this an album by Peter & the Test Tube Babies is really pushing it. Calling this a collection of phone messages, interviews, demos, and other throwaway items is more like it. Originally a cassette-only release for the Test Tubes’ fan club, its appearance on CD will be adored by band devotees and abhorred by practically anyone else. Not that it is entirely worthless, though. There are some fun bits, like the funky “Go for It,” a scorching live “Banned From the Pubs,” a memory-taunting early-’80s L.A. radio advert for a Test Tubes gig (with support from the Adicts amongst others!), and a few other delights. Apart from that, the “funny” bits are worth hearing once, but they don’t make you laugh hard enough to come back for seconds. Compiled by bandmembers Del and Ogs, this is nothing more than a curiosity. It may not be worth pulling out of your collection and entertaining family and friends with, but if you are a fan, then you should at least listen to it. If you are NOT a fan, buy practically any (every?) other Peter & the Test Tube Babies album except this one, such as Soberphobia, The Mating Sounds of South American Frogs, or some sort of compilation. – AllMusic

So much for good reviews, huh? 

Peter & the Test Tube Babies – Journey to the Center of Johnny Clarke’s Head

Sham 69 – Sham’s Last Stand

Sham 69 - SLS

Yeah, yeah…I’ve been on hiatus. My apologies. The office where I work in relocated and it’s situated quite far from internet shops. I have to contend myself to a mobile internet for the meantime and I tell you it’s pretty hard to get used to it. Anyways, here’s a pretty good punk album for you. I haven’t had the time to prepare a good introduction, so I guess this short boring one will have to do. Jeez, it’s Sham 69 so you’ve got to know this band.

Sham 69 – Sham’s Last Stand

By the way, I’ve changed the compressed file from RAR to ZIP. My mobile phone does not support RAR files so I just have to change it. Cheers!

Sayyadina – Mourning the Unknown

Sayyadina - MTU

This is my second feature on Swedish hardcore bands today. I was sampling out the second release of this band and one thing quickly comes to mind. This is what a hybrid of grindcore and powerviolence would sound like. While their debut release Fear Gave Us Wings have some good moments, Mourning the Unknown has a more mature and stronger sound in my opinion. Good songwriting complemented with ultra-fast pummeling drums, exquisite guitar playing with pretty timely and adequate adlibs and chaotic screaming twin vocals to top it all. Some points even have a hint of the Gothenburg death metal sound in between, but hey, they’re from Sweden, so what would you expect? Now it’s your turn to sample out this aural assault from the icy depths of Sweden. Enjoy punks! Cheers!

Sayyadina – Mourning the Unknown