Whosoever wields this hammer…

I am a big comics fan. I’ve been collecting it since God knows when. I stopped at one point, but resumed collecting and stopped again. Luckily there are downloadable comics in the internet for those who can’t afford anymore. Now with the superhero live action movies a reality nowadays, it’s really awesome to see your favorite superheroes come to life in the big screen. X-Men, Iron man, The Incredible Hulk, etc. The latest installment is The Mighty Thor. One of my all time faves. When news hit the streets that Thor is in the making, i can’t wait to see it. Last week came that moment and honestly, it wasn’t a disappointment. The live action movie was not bad. Although there are only a few action scenes, the portrayal of Thor is in my opinion, done fairly. And watching it in 3D was a plus. Damn, the effects were awesome. Chris Helmsworth maybe a begginner but he did the Norse God of thunder justice in donning the mystic mallet in the movie. Anthony Hopkins did a fine portrayal of Odin too. What am I thinking? It’s Anthony Hopkins for chrissakes, of course he did! Although in my knowledge, he lost that eye when he gave it in return for some knowledge he seek. But that’s just me. The Norse gang were complete too.  Lady Sif, Volstagg, etc (but where is Brave Balder?). Mjolnir was so, so amazing, reading it in the comics doing this and that and finally seeing it on live action is really awesome.  Breathtaking. You might think that i may be overreacting, but ask any comics lover and they’ll tell you the same. Now with the team maybe complete (Hawkeye made a cameo appearance in the movie, and Captain America is soon to hit the stands), the next live action movie from Marvel may very well be The Avengers. Now that’s something to watch. I’m sure it would be one helluva movie. Next stop? Captain America: The First Avenger.


Tillers of the Land…

This beauty arrived just last week at the mail. No other than Paul Curran of Maximum Rock and Roll Radio sent me this piece of vinyl when I requested for a copy of AR’s other segment at their show. He said he had an extra copy and will send it to me if I like. Now who would say no to that? Anyways, I can’t thank Paul enough, his kind are rare nowadays. Cheers and beers to you Paul, thanks so much!

Going to the record, I noticed that the versions here are different than those at the cassette comps. Honestly? I think the ones at the comps are better, quality and version wise. But still this is a good find, I was hunting for this 7inch at eBay but to no avail. I’m just not sure if this is still available at Astral Anarchy’s site. I saw one at an auction from the Netherlands but the shipping is too much. Jeez! Just another cool item to add to my measly collection. Any more info from this band? Anyone?

House Arrest…

I was on “house arrest” for a couple of weeks. The reason? Conjunctivitis. Or more popularly known as sore eyes. Damn this virus. I could contend with a flu or fever, but not this one. It’s so damn irritating if you’re contaminated with this virus. The strain that struck me could be the worst i had. My eyes were bloody red, literally. You could mistake me for a vampire in the Twilight saga if not for my complexion. Anyways, I missed a lot during those 2 weeks. I even missed the championship game of our basketball team. What could be more frustrating than that? But now I’m cured and back on track again. Just finished uploading a few files on the web. Posting will be this week or the next so stay tuned for that.

Went to Quiapo on the second week of my house arrest. Ok, ok…i need to get out people, just for a while. I was recovering anyways, redness was out except for a little uneasiness. You could just imagine how I felt when I first went out after those gruelling and boring days alone in my pad. Passed by Globe restaurant on my way to Carriedo. The “lumpia” they serve there is, after all these years, still very delicious. I remember, my Dad used to bring me there for a nice meal of “lumpia” before going to Sta. Cruz market to visit his folks.  He had a sister there who had a stall and sells relief goods. That place my friends, were home to the very first “ukay-ukays”. Ah, those we’re the days indeed. After treading Avenida Rizal (I prefer calling it that instead of Rizal Avenue, it sounds classic), I checked out a few DVDs at Arlegui, not quite fortunate as there were no new titles on display, same old stuff as the last time I was there. And then I went on to Recto and searched for CDs and more DVDs at this stall in Tandem. Or was it Cartimar? Anyways, still no luck. So I decided to take a cab and went straight home. But not after a sip of coffee at this Cafe in SM Sky Garden. It’s just across from where I live anyways. I like that place a lot, it’s not crowded, it’s quiet, it looks very simple and they offer sugar-free beverages, guilt-free they call it. For those who are watching their weight. They also serve a mean Sansrival and it goes well with Hazelnut flavored coffee. Mmm-mm. I’m starting to get hungry now, so until the next time punks. I have a very good skate punk band from San Jose, CA, a home-grown metal band and a very sought-after compilation involving alternative artists against the WTO in store for you. Can’t wait? Well be back once in a while to find out. Dave here signing off. Cheers!

Long weekend…

Howdy folks, it’s going to be a long weekend on this part of the globe. Our Muslim brothers are celebrating the end of Ramadan so the government declared that tomorrow be a holiday. Whooopeee! Looking back the past week, hmmm not quite much happened in my favor, hah!. I just came off a traumatic experience with a very, very  good friend. Details are too personal to elaborate on the net so let’s just say that it’s just another closed chapter in my life.  Come to think of it, it may have done more good than harm on my part., hehe Anyways, i’m so glad everything’s back to normal.

What else? Oh, Amorphis is still on heavy rotation on my iPod. Namely, Am Universum and Far from the Sun. Is it just me or am i the only one who thinks that Pasi’s vocals are better than Tomi J’s? I mean,  with Pasi singing, the songs are more pyschedelic and refined, which i like better that way, whilst it’s more raw and loud with Tomi. Too 80’s death metal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I also like the albums with Tomi singing, but i feel that it’s with Pasi that the distinctive sound of Amorphis was known. But of course, to each his own right?

Body’s in major, major pain right now. Just came from  a gruelling basketball practice the other day. And for me, i guess age is starting to  take it’s toll, hehe. Anyways, we are still on a roll and with new outlook and training, I’m sure we have a strong chance in getting what we want. Don’t just reach for the goal, reach for the SKY. Whooopeeee!

Wi-fi connection has been taken from me at the office. Darn! So expect longer gaps of posting. I still have to bypass internet restrictions. As i don’t have my own personal PC, i have to rent one in order to upload files to post. So bear with moi ok? I think i have a very classic punk/hardcore compilation as my next post. And to surprise everybody, something from the 70’s pinoy rock. So be sure to visit regularly to find out. Anyways, download is about to be completed so i guess it’s ta-ta for now. See you guys next week and stay tuned for another interesting post. Cheers and more beer!….Happy weekend punks!

Back with a Vengeance…

Hey friends, judging from my site’s new look, you could say that i will be blogging again. Yey! Like my new look? I thought a new perspective deserve a new appearance, so there. Bear with me ok, I am a bit rusty.

Unavoidable circumstances have prevented me from posting these past few months (or years). But it’s all over now (thank god), so now I’m back and back with a vengeance. While I was “on vacation”, I haven’t had the chance to check out new tunes that much, but I was heavily punishing my eardrums  on the Amorphis album Skyforger. Man, this album rocks, and I mean it rocks big time. Anyone who hasn’t heard of it must do so now, you don’t know what you’re missing. I highly recommend it. And the Berzerker DVD is also a must have, as is any material from them. Jeez, this band gives new meaning to the term grind. I also got a copy of the Reducers’ self titled album. Smashing power pop! Will try to post that one in the future. Watch out for that.

What else? Hmmm. Oh yeah, maybe you’ve heard about this already but we’ve just elected a new president. Well, they did actually, I voted for the other guy. But for our sake, differences should be set aside and we have to set our sights to what we should be doing for our future. Not to be sounding patriotic, but it seems logical enough, right? Anyways, do come back in the coming days because I have some pretty fine tunes to post. I may also be doing a bit of a different format for I will sometimes be posting not only music but also some views and opinions from  myself about what’s happening to me and the world around me.  I know you may or may not be interested in it but hey, it’s my blog, haha. Deal with it. Until then, cheers and more beers!….

Neat and Sweet…

A few pics that I took while I was sorting. I had that shelf made specifically for my stuff. Much more convenient than the one I had, and it looks more neat. Unfortunately, not all was accommodated so some I had to store somewhere else. The topmost shelf touches the ceiling so I had to install insulators because it gets a bit warm especially during mid-day. More pics to come when all is done. Cheers!