The Berzerker – Dissimulate

From down under comes The Berzerker. Grindcore, Death Metal, Industrial Grind. Call them what you will, but this band kills big time no matter what genre you call them. It doesn’t matter at all. This is their second album and the first so far to use an actual human drummer instead of a drum machine. Well, you can’t differentiate it anyways because the drummer plays like he’s on a bottle of steroids and drumming for his life. That fast. Check out this reiview I got from Allmusic:

With a video that’s been banned from MTV on the grounds of its horrific and epilepsy-inducing imagery, the Berzerker’s Dissimulate is a truly evil album. The Australian group uses rapid-fire machine-gun beats and industrial grind riffs for a death metal record that is relentless, horrific, and potentially damaging in its assault on the listener. From the initial blast of the first track, “Disregard,” to the final cover of Carcass’ “Corporal Jigsore Quandary,” the Berzerker’s sound is layered in noise and the machinery of inhuman grind music. Not for the faint of heart, this unstoppable album redefines the boundaries of heavy metal and makes the perfect addition to the collection of any listener looking for the heaviest sounds imaginable.

Not for the faint of heart huh? Like that would stop you right? You know the drill…

The Berzerker – Dissimulate

My Mind’s Mine – 48 Reasons to Leave this Planet


Another band who delivers grindcore basically the oldschool way. Also hailing from Holland, some members came from Blood I Bleed. Or was it the other way around? Personally I like the vocals on this one. Anyways, this is also a discography of some sorts so you better grab this loud and chaotic release if I were you. More grindcore stuff coming your way soon! Don’t forget to leave a comment, now.

By the way, as you can see my side bar is lacking some images. The site hosting my images have deleted the files due to inactivity for a long time. So it’s not your computers folks. I’ll have them updated next week. Moreover, some of the files connecting to the links on this site have also been deleted so If you want something and it’s not there, you’ll have to request for an upload. Cheers!

My Mind’s Mine – 48 Reasons to Leave this Planet

Blood I Bleed – High Octane Thrash


It seems eons ago since I last posted some grindcore stuff. And coincidentally a few weeks ago I started to search for more good bands playing this genre. At first all I have are Napalm Death, Phobia, Magrudergrind, Demisor, etc. But now I got myself to listen to Warsore, Retaliation, Needful Things, Wadge, Existench and this band: Blood I Bleed.

As the album title implies, this is High Octane Thrash. Very fast and angry release with screeching vocals, scratching guitars and pumelling drums. 32 tracks of high velocity energy delivered exquisitely by these Dutch grindfreaks the oldschool grindcore way. Comprises most material that they have put out on vinyl.

Blood I Bleed – High Octane Thrash