Bad Burn – Bound by Blood

Good death/thrash metal band from this side of the globe. My apologies, i don’t have that much info on them, shame on me considering that this band is homegrown talent. I can’t even find the image that i got from this CD, jeez. Anyways, this album is highly recommended for download. One of the best locally released metal from the 90’s (?). Not that only a handful of this genre we’re only released commercially on that era that i know of, it’s just that this band rips big time. Fast, aggressive and mind-blowing lyrics. What more could you ask for?

Bad Burn – Bound by Blood

Profanatica / Masacre Split CD

Profanatica is an American Black Metal band formed sometime in 1990. They we’re former members of Incantation. One notable member from this band is vocalist and drummer Paul Ledney, who later on formed his one-man band Havohej. Four tracks of unrelentless, blasphemous, Machiavellian hate. No doubt one of my favorite black metal bands. This “side” of Profanatica is entitled Tormenting Holy Flesh, now if that isn’t unholy enough i don’t know what is. The other band in this split is Colombian Masacre (note the single “s”). Maybe not to be confused with the Floridan Death Metal band. Pretty decent death metal band if i may say so, utilizing the famed twin vocal style, the other somewhat similar to Mitch Harris’ screeching style. Their side is entitled Ola de Violencia which translates to Wave of Violence. Now a track from each Ep was included in the locally released death metal compilation Certified Death, that’s why when i saw this on the rack of a record store i unhesitantly grabbed it, literally. Now enjoy this one my satanic followers and spread the word…

Profanatica / Masacre Split CD

Mindrot – Soul

For all its tangible promise and songwriting audacity, Mindrot’s 1995 debut, Dawning, was as maddeningly schizophrenic as it was enticingly eclectic, seeming more like an anthology of unrelated tracks collected piecemeal during the group’s half-decade gestation before signing with Relapse Records than a true cohesive album. So even though it would take them nearly three years to do it, the Orange County, CA, natives were apparently determined to divest themselves of their more conspicuous musical influences — Neurosis, Paradise Lost, Fields of the Nephilim — and establish an experimental extreme metal identity of their own for sophomore album Soul. This was accomplished, by and large, with the injection of copious doses of hardcore aggression and thrash metal velocity (from whence the band originated long ago) into menacing cuts like “Nothing,” “Suffer Alone,” and “Cold Skin,” then shifting at the most unexpected of times into quiet atmospheric passages more familiar to fans of their first album. And as disconcerting as these radical dynamic shifts and emotional mood swings could be, Mindrot’s arrangements were unquestionably tighter than ever before, and vocalist Adrian Leroux’s clean vocals significantly improved since their first outing, finally on par with his powerful death growls. These harsh sonic contrasts also helped to reveal the mature subtlety with which the band was now repurposing its lingering goth and doom influences throughout more deliberate and often beautifully haunting material like “Dissipation,” “Incandescence,” and the sublime album finale, “Despair.” Ironically, in what would ultimately prove to be their career finale (they broke up mere weeks after Soul’s release), Mindrot crafted perhaps their greatest doom epic, initially buoyed by surprisingly uplifting organs before buckling under the weight of layer upon layer of increasingly depressing musical elements (piano and guitar melodies, followed by thundering power chords and raging grunts), until it lay broken and buried, much like the band’s career would be, soon enough.

After the release of Soul, in early 1998 Mindrot played its last show, unknown to anyone there or even anyone in the band. It took place at Club Mesa in Costa Mesa, California with Oxbow. No more than 30 people were in attendance included in the audience guitarist and SST mastermind Greg Ginn.

Note: I ripped the whole album in two parts. That way you can listen to each track without breaks. There aren’t anyways. This is one wicked album I tell you. Their debut is awesome and this one is a fitting follow-up. I’m not into Doom laden Metal, only a handful, and this band is an exception. Highly recommended.

Mindrot – Soul

Cryptic Slaughter – Speak Your Peace

Cryptic Slaughter was a Santa Monica, CA punk/hardcore band formed by Les Evans, Scott Peterson and Adam Scott. After a colorful career and 3 awesome albums across their name, they called it quits. Shortly after Les moved to Oregon and reformed the band with 3 new members along with former Wehrmacht drummer Brian Lehfeldt and recorded Speak Your Peace, their fourth and final album. While their earlier releases boast of raw hardcore style of music at break-neck speed, this one here displays a rather thrash crossover style with longer tracks and detailed rythm and lead guitars. Not really at par when compared with their first 3 releases, especially Convicted and Money Talks w/c are both cult classics in their own right, but this album is still a good listen in my opinion. A must have item for the CS fan and a recommended listen for the thrash metalhead;

Cryptic Slaughter – Speak Your Peace

VA – Fenriz Presents: Best of Old School Black Metal

Fenriz Presents… The Best of Old-School Black Metal is a compilation album by Darkthrone’s Fenriz featuring bands that have been highly influential for the black metal genre;

Blasphemy – “Winds of the Black Godz”

Sarcófago – “Satanic Lust”

Celtic Frost – “Dawn of Megiddo”

Nattefrost – “Sluts of Hell”

Mercyful Fate – “Evil”

Sodom – “Burst command til war”

Tormentor – “Elizabeth Bathory”

Aura Noir – “Blood Unity”

Destruction – “Curse the Gods”

Samael – “Into the Pentagram”

Bulldozer – “Whisky Time”

Mayhem – “The Freezing Moon”

Hellhammer – “The Third of the Storms”

Burzum – “Ea, Lord of the Deeps”

Venom – “Warhead”

Bathory – “Dies Irae”

VA- Fenriz Presents: Best of Old School Black Metal

Mayhem – Wolf’s Lair Abyss

Mayhem is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1984 in Oslo, Norway. They are regarded as one of the pioneers of the influential Norwegian black metal scene.

This is their 1998 Ep Wolf’s Lair Abyss with former member Maniac back to handle the vocal chores again with his inhuman, ungodly screams. This release also saw their first since guitarist Euronymous was murdered. Tracks here are technical and faster with barbaric and brutal excellence. “Elite Black Metal” according to drummer Hellhammer. Importantly, they also took the more detailed and creative step for future material to come. This blasphemous 5-tracker Ep will surely haunt the living wits out of you. Highly recommended.

Mayhem – Wolf’s Lair Abyss

Wehrmacht – Shark Attack


Here’s another fast post. Ever wondered who was the basis for coining the word speedcore? From Portland comes this fast playing thrashy band, fast and raging as hell. They released  a couple of albums, this one being their first. After splitting, some members formed Spazztic Blurr and Cryptic Slaughter. Very good crossover album, just couldn’t decide whether to file this under hardcore or metal. Maybe both huh? Another must have for 80’s thrash metal fanatics. That said, I’m outta here. Cheers!

Wehrmacht – Shark Attack

Slaughter – Strappado


My apologies for a long absence. I was taking care of things, particularly a new place to stay. I was quite busy with the planning, building needs, etc. It ‘s really not that big, just enough to fit a family of five. More importantly it’s a place to call our own (I used to rent a pad before). Now I’m so excited to move in, a few more weeks and it’s already done.

In the meantime, I managed to squeeze in a couple of posts from my busy schedule. I kinda missed it so I just had to.

I used to see this record in a known recording shop in Quiapo in my adolescent years. With the cheesy font and the cheesier band name, who would think that this band and album packs a big wallop. Good riffs, fast and furious, mean vocals but not that flashy drums. Very simple for a raging album like this, but it works so what the hell. One of the best thrash bands that came out of Canada. A must have for the thrash metalhead. MAKE WAY FOR THE INCINERATOR!!

Slaughter – Strappado

Sacrilege BC – Too Cool to Pray


From Berkley, California comes this typical Bay Area thrash metal band. Quite underrated if you ask me. I remember having a copy of the first album Party with God on a cassette tape and it seldom left my tape deck. Once I play that one it never stops until it ends, that’s how addicting the album is to me. Now this one maybe could not come close to the first release but it’s still a good listen I tell you. Only a couple of albums under their name and quite overlooked because of the onslaught of a number of thrash metal bands at that time but this band and this album rips big time. A must download for 80’s thrash metal fans.

Want to check out the first album? Get it here at this wonderful site. Cheers!

Sacrilege BC – Too Cool to Pray

VA – Seven Gates of Horror (A Tribute to Possessed)

Here’s a quick one, and although a little bit late, a fitting post for Halloween. A tribute album to a legendary band. One of my favorite metal bands of all time. Could very well be the ones who started it all: the one, the only Possessed. Check out the versions of these bands and find out why they worship these metal thrashers from hell. A must download for every metalhead.

Those who are familiar with the history of metal will agree that Possessed changed the extreme metal scene in 1985 with their album ‘Seven Churches’, being an over-the-top album in speed & image when it was released. The album more or less led to the birth of death metal (this being the name of a Possessed song, covered here by Vader) & influenced bands such as Morbid Angel & Death. This record is a tribute to Possessed, with some of the most respected names in the scene paying tribute to this legendary act! & those old songs have not lost any of their glory…so much is for sure! 13 Possessed tracks covered by the likes of Cannibal Corpse, God Dethroned, Angel Corpse, Amon Amarth & more. – Karmageddon Media

VA – Seven Gates of Horror (A Tribute to Possessed)

Prong – Force Fed

Force Fed is the second album released by this power trio from New York. Their debut didn’t made that much impact to some (and to me). But this one really packed a punch. At first I was quite disappointed when I heard this album. Starting song is a killer, maybe the best in the lot. But as the music goes on it seemed to wane a little bit. Maybe it’s just me. But as I keep on listening to it I learned to get the hang of it. It actually became one of my favorites. The rest of the tracks may not match Freezer Burn’s fast paced intensity but it’s still that good to keep you addicted once you get into it. It’s really not complete when you don’t listen to it to the last track.

I usually include this album to my playlist whenever I do my projects when I was taking architecture in college. It gives me that added boost needed to keep on working non-stop through the night up until the next day. You should see my table when I’m done. Mounds and mounds of cassette tapes are all piled up. The fun part is to return all of them to their respective cases. Quite a task but I really enjoyed it. Anyways, try a different twist of thrash music with this release. One of the best releases of that genre in that time.

Prong – Force Fed

Warrior Soul – Last Decade Dead Century

I’m having a hard time uploading stuff so I guess you’ll be seeing a few posts from hereon. Believe it or not, I don’t have my own PC. I have to rent one in order to go on-line and connection sucks big time. Am I the only one having a hard time here? No worries, I’ll try to keep up no matter what. In the meantime, here’s Warrior Soul’s debut album. I have this college buddy who had this album recorded onto a cassette tape in a shop in Quiapo. We usually pick a different album each so we can copy the other. At that time he picked this and I picked Prong’s Force Fed (which will be featured next). Great music here, not at all that flashy in my opinion. Just simple, great sounding tunes with lyrics that sometimes seem deep. Vocals may not be that soothing to many, but it’ll do for me. It compliments the music anyways. Good moments here are I see the Ruins, We Cry Out, The Losers, Trippin’ on Ecstasy and Superpower Dreamland. I also like their second release. Same style in my opinion with this one in terms of musicality except that the latter sounded a little bit better. Maybe better production. It was released locally in cassette tape format by Geffen if I’m not mistaken. Commercialism got to them, hehe. Now go and enjoy this hard rockin’ release from this underappreciated (at least with their first 2 albums) band. It’s worth the time to download it I tell you.

By the way, uploading to mediafire is eating too much of my time. So I’m uploading to rapidshare again. Sorry if there are inconveniences, it’s the only one I know that’s faster, unless there’s a faster alternative you punks know out there. There’s also a password that you’ll be needing in order to extract the file. It will always be myfatetohate, unless of course, otherwise indicated. Cheers!

Warrior Soul – Last Decade Dead Century

Dead Ends – Mamatay sa Ingay

Heto naaaa!!!!

After a long wait, finally here’s Dead Ends’ last album entitled Mamatay sa Ingay. Unlike their 3 previous albums, this release is more of a metal project rather than a punk one. Even if you haven’t heard of it yet, the cover clearly show that this album is influenced by metal. It features a long-haired person sporting a Slayer tee covering his ears (while screaming?).

Utilizing a second guitarist in Lourd de Veyra, this release boasts of fast and thrashy tracks sung in the vernacular, clearly unlike any you’ve heard of at the time this album came out. Very original. While all tracks here are fine, I still go with the powerful Wasteland and Mga Gago Lang, the anthemic (Ano nga ba ang) Kalayaan, the very tangible Pulis! Pulis! and the brilliant Tumayo at Lumaban. To me this is the ultimate pinoy thrash metal song. If you happen to hear the English version of this killer, you’d probably know what I’m talking about.

When Al, Harley and Jay re-grouped sometime ago for the Joan Lombard Gig, LA 105 featured and interviewed them together with the WUDS. Their playlist in that show included an English version of Tumayo at Lumaban entitled Toy Soldiers and the English version of Wasteland. I think Toy Soldiers was included on the Dead Ends compilation album Chosen. I know you have to love your own, but I tell you that those versions are unbelievably brilliant. Speed, power and melody: ingredients of a typical thrash metal masterpiece. I still have to scour for my copy of that radio show but in the meantime, sink yer teeth first at this Pinoy metal onslaught.

PS: Goddamn internet connection runs like a sloth these past few days so bear with me, my apologies for only having a few new posts, ok? Til next time!

Dead Ends – Mamatay sa Ingay

Grip, Inc – Nemesis

I’m in a hurry, so I searched for a better review for this album. Anyways, I only have a few things to say about this post. Good band, good album. Get it!

The second album from this four piece group brings together a variety of ideas from each member resulting in a very modern aggressive sound for the 90’s. Dave Lombardo has proven he can develop songs which are different from most thrash era bands, and compete with his former band Slayer to some degree. With the help of guitarist/producer Waldemar Sorychta, Grip have maintained their heavy approach and have introduced new ideas involving guitar melody and experimental keyboards and sythesizers, which happen to work and sound great. Lombardo’s unusual beats and other experimental patterns go better with these songs like “myth or man” than their debut album. ” Scream at the Sky” is an impressive song which has a totally new and different sound than their earlier songs with atmospheric qualities similar to Pink Floyd and therefore stands out. The opening to ” The Summoning” is mythical sounding in the guitar playing and is backed up later by heavy rhythm . The short Slayer like song “Portrait of Henry” has a demented guitar riff with Lombardo pummeling the drum kit with precision. The vocalist Gus Chambers does his job well and also adds more spirit to the music making his presence known to any listener. A very strong , diverse album but at the same time consistent throughout and inspiring to listen to. The combination of Dave Lombardo’s experience with the creative work of Waldemar Sorychta make Grip a superior band and something to look out for in the future. – Jim Hamilton

Grip, Inc – Nemesis


Nuclear Assault – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon

Ah, the legendary Hammersmith Odeon. If you’re a band and you had the pleasure of playing here, then you’re big. Can we say the same for Nuclear Assault? Hell yeah! This live album here is the straight audio version of the album Handle with Care. Unfortunately, some tracks we’re deleted for this CD. That album was good, in fact it was a smashing follow up to Survive. One of my fave NA albums. Now you’d think that with a good review for that album, then this live version will probably fare the same. Think again, somehow it seems NA didn’t deliver well this time. It’s really a shame because the tracks are really good but somehow this really doesn’t make that much impact. Still if you wanna hear the album Handle with Care through a different version, then this is worth checking out. It also features a few songs not from HWC so maybe there’s something different there. You be the judge.

Nuclear Assault – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon

Crumbsuckers – BOMB

Second album by this band formed in Long Island. It also features a more metal approach than their debut album Life of Dreams. I first found out about this band through this album, maybe because this release was the one they got noted for. I kinda liked it because of it’s metal tendency, but when I heard Life of Dreams I admit that that album was better. This one seems something sort of a crossover band trying to speed it up a little and in the end almost losing substance when compared to the first one. Great guitar work though: melodic, speedy, innovative and at sometimes technical. Cheesy album cover, but still a good listen.

Crumbsuckers – BOMB

Break the Silence – Near Life Experience

I’m feeling a bit metal today so here’s another one to suit your metal tastes. Well, to begin with, I don’t have that much information about this band and release but I know that they play some kinda fast paced, guitar induced metal with maybe a hint of punk influence?. Twin vocal style are added maybe for substance but could maybe get away without it because of fine guitar playing and melody despite of it’s speed.

A track from this release used to plague the Philippine airwaves once a week via the now defunct Timebomb show used to be hosted by Buddy Trinidad, Betrayed guitarist and singer. But it was Je Bautista, co-host and good friend, who introduced me to this album. Him knowing that I have a metal tendency. First listen and I thought right then that the vocal style resembles that of a favorite metal band, At the Gates. Somehow Je already knew I’ll find out about the uncanny resemblance, hehe. It was their cover of Slaughter of the Soul (an At the Gates original) however, that got me drawn to this album. Not a good release for me, but not that bad either. Maybe they should re-think their options and maybe decide whether to play punk, metal, or with them clean melodic vocals that they fuse in their songs (particularly with the track “Drawbridge”), maybe even emo. If that’s the case, then I’m outta here. Have a fun weekend, y’ all.

Break the Silence – Near Life Experience

Cro Mags – Alpha Omega

The Age of Quarrel is the only album of Cro Mags that I heard before sampling out this one. It’s a big jump from that album to this, maybe with the exception of course of the albums in between that I am not familiar with. If you grew up with the oldschool hardcore style that Cro Mags was known before, then maybe you’ll get disappointed with this one. But if you’re a hybrid of punk and metal (like me, hehe) then you could like this one. Actually, this release is regarded as a metal album by many, and listening to it you’ll probably understand why. Here’s an additional review that I got from All Music Guide:

This partial assemblage of the classic Cro-Mags lineup features bassist Harley Flanagan and singer John “Bloodclot” Joseph together again after years of separation. The two musicians had last joined forces on the band’s seminal hardcore debut, The Age of Quarrel. Dave Holland (guitars), Gabby (guitars), and Dave DiSenso (drums) fill out the lineup for this, the group’s third studio recording. With music penned by Flanagan and original guitarist Parris Mayhew, this 1992 release delivers a steady stream of straightforward metal. Alpha-Omega bears only a small resemblance to the frenzied, more destructive style that embodied ’80s East Coast hardcore and on which the Cro-Mags’ reputation was solidly built. Standout tracks “The Other Side of Madness” and “The Paths of Perfection” have a relatively subdued, melodic texture that furthers the band’s career-long gravitation away from its hardcore roots. While certainly a decent offering, this record falls short of it’s creators’ best work.

Cro Mags – Alpha Omega

Vampyr – Cry Out for Metal

When I was still studying, I used to frequent this place in Manila where I look for second hand stuff like tapes, cds and even records. This is the place where you could get a good bargain, some ok, some even rare. You find the interesting stuff at the most unexpected places, I will attest to that. And this is the place. At one of my trips there in my adolescent years, I got a hold of a copy of this heavy metal band’s album. Very interesting band name: Vampyr. It would be more interesting if it’s pronounced Vahm-peer, hehe. What could be cheesier than that? I bought it and listened to it and found it rather uhmm, amusing and entertaining. It became a frequent visitor in my tape player until somehow I found out that I actually am liking it, sorta. Surprisingly the most flexible if there ever was one, haha. Somewhere I lost that tape and didn’t even tried to find it, never knew that it was even missing. And then I found a link to download the whole album somewhere in the net. And now I’m sharing the experience to you. After all these years, I still find it amusing and entertaining. Well, in fairness to this band, they actually play decent in their own rights. Good guitar playing; melody, rhythm, fine drumming. Not a very good production, but not that bad either. I just want to bring back those memories when I was still an experimenting brat. Try listening to some of the tracks and see for yourself.

Vampyr – The Oath/Sinner

Vampyr – Metal Hymn ’86

Vampyr – Mercy Killing

Vampyr – Vampyr

Like what you hear? Get the whole album HERE and start headbangin’!! I guess I should add a “metal” category now huh?