Meat Puppets at the Mardi Gras

When i was looking for my ripped copy of the Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers split, I came across this compressed file of the Meat Puppets Live at the Mardi Gras. I can’t actually remember how i got this one, and frankly forgot all about it already. Pretty fine audio recording for a boot, if this is indeed one. Now, the Meat Puppets need no introductions and I’m somewhat running out of free time already so I guess I must leave you punks to figure it all out for yourselves. Happy weekend to all ye out there.

Meat Puppets at the Mardi Gras

PS. Picture above isn’t really from the Mardi Gras gig (i think). And leave a comment people, it’s my Christmas wish from you. Cheers!


Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers Split

This is a re-post from a previous one. The links from that post are already dead so i decided to re-upload the tracks and this time it’s somewhat convenient because it’s all in a compressed file. Enjoy!

From the same overamplified home electronics realm as Shizuo and Rancid Hell Spawn, Gerty Farish records Casio noises, screamed vocals and three-chord guitar runs through blaring fuzz. Like its peers, Farish knows a sense of humor is the best way to approach this kind of music. The jacket of Save the Ants, a split release with Pissed Officers, is die cut for the purpose urged in the title. Jess Daniels and John Donahue, who emerged from Boston’s WHRB Record Hospital school of obnoxious punk teachings, shoot through eight noise-pop fun songs with delirious glee. – TrouserPress.com

Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers Split

VA – Rock Against the Round (Musicians Against the WTO)

I got this compilation from a friend a few years ago. It was sealed at that time and never got to open it until recently. Well, most tracks on this comp are available commercially, but what really caught my attention was the Wuds’ Republika de Lata. Awesome song, I had a chance to watch them play this live at Luis Guiang’s death anniversary at the former Purple Haze bar at Morato. Truly a great band in their own right. Other notables here is of course Datu’s Tribe, who I also had the chance to see live playing this song at a Dredd Mock Award. TBOD of course is also a killer in this comp, Strap on Seven Inch too. And the usual suspects…Agaw-Agimat, former Dead End Lourd de Veyra’s band Radioactive Sago Project, Einstein Chakras etc. Check out the track list here. Download it now for your listening pleasure. I’m outta here…

VA – Rock Against the Round (Musicians Against the WTO)

The Faction – Collection 2 (Uncollectable)

The Faction were a hardcore punk band from San Jose, California. They were one of the original skate rock bands who incorporate two of the things they love doing most, skateboarding and punk rock. Exceptional musicians, they are also talented skateboarders. Steve Caballero, Gavin O’Brien, Adam Segal, Craig Bosch etc., are all accomplished skateboarders.

The Faction recorded 34 studio songs from 1982 to 1985. 28 of those were compiled and made it to the Faction Collection 1, the 6 tracks that never made it to that comp were included here. Plus a few demos, outtakes and a live recording. Even if you are a skate  rock ala-Los Olvidados, Drunk Injuns, JFA, Big Boys etc, or a punk fanatic, this collection is a must have. Unless you already have every record or cd. The Faction are a great band and not to have it in your collection is a mortal sin. Now enjoy it punks while you can. Cheers!

The Faction – Collection 2 (Uncollectable)

VA – Not So Quiet on the Western Front

As promised,  here is a classic hardcore compilation put out by Jeff Bale and Tim Yohannon in 1982 through Maximum Rock and Roll. Originally released as a 2xLP that year, it was re-issued by Jeff’s label Sonic Reducer in 1999. 47 tracks in as much as 47 bands, after being out-of-print for around 10 years is here again to re-live the glory that is punk. It features bands from the Northern California and Nevada region, with previously released tracks at that time. Most are classic and killer cuts while the others are not so bad at all. Like the originally released LP back then, the CD comes with a thick inlay sort of mag of the first MRR issue. Yum! This is a must have compilation for the hardcore punks out there. Not convinced? Read the back inlay: If punk is dead? Then what the hell is this?…

Work-out a little folks and be the one to search for the tracklist. It’s a 47 track CD fer goddsakes. Enjoy!

VA – Not so quiet on the Western Front

King Ly Chee – Stand Strong

King Ly Chee (yep, you heard it folks) is a Hong Kong hardcore act.  They played here in the Philippines around 2007 as support for NOFX’s Pacific Rim Tour. I was able to watch that gig and it was a blast, one to really remember. This is their 2003 release and is characterized by a fusion of hardcore, punk and metal influences. Well, most bands today are like that. Infusing every genre, experimenting some sorts. Well, for KLC’s part, they do it very well. Often utilizing dual vocal style and riffing hyper speed guitars with melodic choruses, this band’s objective,  according to vocalist Riz Farooqi is to make the musical sensibilities and DIY ethic of punk rock accessible to new listeners from outside the insular expat-oriented rock scene in which it had previously flourished. Whew! Quite a mouthful huh? But full of sense in every way. Find out if they’ve succeeded, i think they did. Cheers!

King Ly Chee – Stand Strong

Agrotóxico – Estado de Guerra Civil

Agrotoxico is a hardcore band based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. I first heard them on the Hangover Heartattack tribute to Poison Idea doing a cover of Punish Me. This is their 2nd release and is considered as among the best Brazilian hardcore albums ever released. Fast songs, some with a few moments of metallic lead guitars, lyrically full of hatred and anger. Check out their cover of Asta Kask’s Psykiskt Instabil. Wicked…

Agrotóxico – Estado de Guerra Civil