VA – Rock Against the Round (Musicians Against the WTO)

I got this compilation from a friend a few years ago. It was sealed at that time and never got to open it until recently. Well, most tracks on this comp are available commercially, but what really caught my attention was the Wuds’ Republika de Lata. Awesome song, I had a chance to watch them play this live at Luis Guiang’s death anniversary at the former Purple Haze bar at Morato. Truly a great band in their own right. Other notables here is of course Datu’s Tribe, who I also had the chance to see live playing this song at a Dredd Mock Award. TBOD of course is also a killer in this comp, Strap on Seven Inch too. And the usual suspects…Agaw-Agimat, former Dead End Lourd de Veyra’s band Radioactive Sago Project, Einstein Chakras etc. Check out the track list here. Download it now for your listening pleasure. I’m outta here…

VA – Rock Against the Round (Musicians Against the WTO)


The Faction – Collection 2 (Uncollectable)

The Faction were a hardcore punk band from San Jose, California. They were one of the original skate rock bands who incorporate two of the things they love doing most, skateboarding and punk rock. Exceptional musicians, they are also talented skateboarders. Steve Caballero, Gavin O’Brien, Adam Segal, Craig Bosch etc., are all accomplished skateboarders.

The Faction recorded 34 studio songs from 1982 to 1985. 28 of those were compiled and made it to the Faction Collection 1, the 6 tracks that never made it to that comp were included here. Plus a few demos, outtakes and a live recording. Even if you are a skate  rock ala-Los Olvidados, Drunk Injuns, JFA, Big Boys etc, or a punk fanatic, this collection is a must have. Unless you already have every record or cd. The Faction are a great band and not to have it in your collection is a mortal sin. Now enjoy it punks while you can. Cheers!

The Faction – Collection 2 (Uncollectable)

House Arrest…

I was on “house arrest” for a couple of weeks. The reason? Conjunctivitis. Or more popularly known as sore eyes. Damn this virus. I could contend with a flu or fever, but not this one. It’s so damn irritating if you’re contaminated with this virus. The strain that struck me could be the worst i had. My eyes were bloody red, literally. You could mistake me for a vampire in the Twilight saga if not for my complexion. Anyways, I missed a lot during those 2 weeks. I even missed the championship game of our basketball team. What could be more frustrating than that? But now I’m cured and back on track again. Just finished uploading a few files on the web. Posting will be this week or the next so stay tuned for that.

Went to Quiapo on the second week of my house arrest. Ok, ok…i need to get out people, just for a while. I was recovering anyways, redness was out except for a little uneasiness. You could just imagine how I felt when I first went out after those gruelling and boring days alone in my pad. Passed by Globe restaurant on my way to Carriedo. The “lumpia” they serve there is, after all these years, still very delicious. I remember, my Dad used to bring me there for a nice meal of “lumpia” before going to Sta. Cruz market to visit his folks.  He had a sister there who had a stall and sells relief goods. That place my friends, were home to the very first “ukay-ukays”. Ah, those we’re the days indeed. After treading Avenida Rizal (I prefer calling it that instead of Rizal Avenue, it sounds classic), I checked out a few DVDs at Arlegui, not quite fortunate as there were no new titles on display, same old stuff as the last time I was there. And then I went on to Recto and searched for CDs and more DVDs at this stall in Tandem. Or was it Cartimar? Anyways, still no luck. So I decided to take a cab and went straight home. But not after a sip of coffee at this Cafe in SM Sky Garden. It’s just across from where I live anyways. I like that place a lot, it’s not crowded, it’s quiet, it looks very simple and they offer sugar-free beverages, guilt-free they call it. For those who are watching their weight. They also serve a mean Sansrival and it goes well with Hazelnut flavored coffee. Mmm-mm. I’m starting to get hungry now, so until the next time punks. I have a very good skate punk band from San Jose, CA, a home-grown metal band and a very sought-after compilation involving alternative artists against the WTO in store for you. Can’t wait? Well be back once in a while to find out. Dave here signing off. Cheers!

Mike Hanopol – Buhay Musikero

As a surprise for everybody, and what a surprise it is, I’ve decided to post this very classic Pinoy Rock gem. My very first Pinoy Rock post. Well, i’m a very flexible person so what the hell. This is Mike Hanopol’s first (?) album, i think he has 5 in all: The Self-titled album, Awiting Pilipino, Buksan, Buhay Amerika, Lagablab and this one, released way back in 1977. To those of you who don’t know him yet, Mike Hanopol used to sing for the very psychedelic pinoy rock group Juan dela Cruz Band. This band’s material is sought after by every rock enthusiasts, local and foreign. Try browsing ebay to see how much an album by this band will fetch in the ebay market. If I’m not mistaken, Mike sang in JDLC’s mach 2 line up. Anyways, there are no well-known tracks here like the very charismatic Laki sa Layaw. Or Kayabangan, Umiikot-ikot etc. But still this is a very good album in it’s own right. Firstly, you can’t find a copy of this anywhere. It’s a rare piece of sonuvagun. Second, this album has a rock and blues approach, maybe even more of the latter style. Very different than his newer releases. At first you wouldn’t like it because it’s kinda accumulative, to me at least. It grows in you with every listen. But once you get into it, it’s really addictive. Now this is one album every Pinoy Rock enthusiast should have. And for those who are not, especially my on-line friends out there. It’s a fine addition to your “albums to try just because”. I assure you, it’s not a disappointment. That said, I’m outta here. Stay tuned for future posts ok? And phuleeezzz people, do leave a comment. Cheers!

Mike Hanopol – Buhay Musikero

VA – Not So Quiet on the Western Front

As promised,  here is a classic hardcore compilation put out by Jeff Bale and Tim Yohannon in 1982 through Maximum Rock and Roll. Originally released as a 2xLP that year, it was re-issued by Jeff’s label Sonic Reducer in 1999. 47 tracks in as much as 47 bands, after being out-of-print for around 10 years is here again to re-live the glory that is punk. It features bands from the Northern California and Nevada region, with previously released tracks at that time. Most are classic and killer cuts while the others are not so bad at all. Like the originally released LP back then, the CD comes with a thick inlay sort of mag of the first MRR issue. Yum! This is a must have compilation for the hardcore punks out there. Not convinced? Read the back inlay: If punk is dead? Then what the hell is this?…

Work-out a little folks and be the one to search for the tracklist. It’s a 47 track CD fer goddsakes. Enjoy!

VA – Not so quiet on the Western Front

King Ly Chee – Stand Strong

King Ly Chee (yep, you heard it folks) is a Hong Kong hardcore act.  They played here in the Philippines around 2007 as support for NOFX’s Pacific Rim Tour. I was able to watch that gig and it was a blast, one to really remember. This is their 2003 release and is characterized by a fusion of hardcore, punk and metal influences. Well, most bands today are like that. Infusing every genre, experimenting some sorts. Well, for KLC’s part, they do it very well. Often utilizing dual vocal style and riffing hyper speed guitars with melodic choruses, this band’s objective,  according to vocalist Riz Farooqi is to make the musical sensibilities and DIY ethic of punk rock accessible to new listeners from outside the insular expat-oriented rock scene in which it had previously flourished. Whew! Quite a mouthful huh? But full of sense in every way. Find out if they’ve succeeded, i think they did. Cheers!

King Ly Chee – Stand Strong

Long weekend…

Howdy folks, it’s going to be a long weekend on this part of the globe. Our Muslim brothers are celebrating the end of Ramadan so the government declared that tomorrow be a holiday. Whooopeee! Looking back the past week, hmmm not quite much happened in my favor, hah!. I just came off a traumatic experience with a very, very  good friend. Details are too personal to elaborate on the net so let’s just say that it’s just another closed chapter in my life.  Come to think of it, it may have done more good than harm on my part., hehe Anyways, i’m so glad everything’s back to normal.

What else? Oh, Amorphis is still on heavy rotation on my iPod. Namely, Am Universum and Far from the Sun. Is it just me or am i the only one who thinks that Pasi’s vocals are better than Tomi J’s? I mean,  with Pasi singing, the songs are more pyschedelic and refined, which i like better that way, whilst it’s more raw and loud with Tomi. Too 80’s death metal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I also like the albums with Tomi singing, but i feel that it’s with Pasi that the distinctive sound of Amorphis was known. But of course, to each his own right?

Body’s in major, major pain right now. Just came from  a gruelling basketball practice the other day. And for me, i guess age is starting to  take it’s toll, hehe. Anyways, we are still on a roll and with new outlook and training, I’m sure we have a strong chance in getting what we want. Don’t just reach for the goal, reach for the SKY. Whooopeeee!

Wi-fi connection has been taken from me at the office. Darn! So expect longer gaps of posting. I still have to bypass internet restrictions. As i don’t have my own personal PC, i have to rent one in order to upload files to post. So bear with moi ok? I think i have a very classic punk/hardcore compilation as my next post. And to surprise everybody, something from the 70’s pinoy rock. So be sure to visit regularly to find out. Anyways, download is about to be completed so i guess it’s ta-ta for now. See you guys next week and stay tuned for another interesting post. Cheers and more beer!….Happy weekend punks!