Mike Hanopol – Buhay Musikero

As a surprise for everybody, and what a surprise it is, I’ve decided to post this very classic Pinoy Rock gem. My very first Pinoy Rock post. Well, i’m a very flexible person so what the hell. This is Mike Hanopol’s first (?) album, i think he has 5 in all: The Self-titled album, Awiting Pilipino, Buksan, Buhay Amerika, Lagablab and this one, released way back in 1977. To those of you who don’t know him yet, Mike Hanopol used to sing for the very psychedelic pinoy rock group Juan dela Cruz Band. This band’s material is sought after by every rock enthusiasts, local and foreign. Try browsing ebay to see how much an album by this band will fetch in the ebay market. If I’m not mistaken, Mike sang in JDLC’s mach 2 line up. Anyways, there are no well-known tracks here like the very charismatic Laki sa Layaw. Or Kayabangan, Umiikot-ikot etc. But still this is a very good album in it’s own right. Firstly, you can’t find a copy of this anywhere. It’s a rare piece of sonuvagun. Second, this album has a rock and blues approach, maybe even more of the latter style. Very different than his newer releases. At first you wouldn’t like it because it’s kinda accumulative, to me at least. It grows in you with every listen. But once you get into it, it’s really addictive. Now this is one album every Pinoy Rock enthusiast should have. And for those who are not, especially my on-line friends out there. It’s a fine addition to your “albums to try just because”. I assure you, it’s not a disappointment. That said, I’m outta here. Stay tuned for future posts ok? And phuleeezzz people, do leave a comment. Cheers!

Mike Hanopol – Buhay Musikero