Whosoever wields this hammer…

I am a big comics fan. I’ve been collecting it since God knows when. I stopped at one point, but resumed collecting and stopped again. Luckily there are downloadable comics in the internet for those who can’t afford anymore. Now with the superhero live action movies a reality nowadays, it’s really awesome to see your favorite superheroes come to life in the big screen. X-Men, Iron man, The Incredible Hulk, etc. The latest installment is The Mighty Thor. One of my all time faves. When news hit the streets that Thor is in the making, i can’t wait to see it. Last week came that moment and honestly, it wasn’t a disappointment. The live action movie was not bad. Although there are only a few action scenes, the portrayal of Thor is in my opinion, done fairly. And watching it in 3D was a plus. Damn, the effects were awesome. Chris Helmsworth maybe a begginner but he did the Norse God of thunder justice in donning the mystic mallet in the movie. Anthony Hopkins did a fine portrayal of Odin too. What am I thinking? It’s Anthony Hopkins for chrissakes, of course he did! Although in my knowledge, he lost that eye when he gave it in return for some knowledge he seek. But that’s just me. The Norse gang were complete too.  Lady Sif, Volstagg, etc (but where is Brave Balder?). Mjolnir was so, so amazing, reading it in the comics doing this and that and finally seeing it on live action is really awesome.  Breathtaking. You might think that i may be overreacting, but ask any comics lover and they’ll tell you the same. Now with the team maybe complete (Hawkeye made a cameo appearance in the movie, and Captain America is soon to hit the stands), the next live action movie from Marvel may very well be The Avengers. Now that’s something to watch. I’m sure it would be one helluva movie. Next stop? Captain America: The First Avenger.

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  1. And there is no denying that Gambit is indeed an interesting character. Taylor Kitsch has signed up for the role His name is Gambit Well the word is that Taylor Kitsch has signed for three films. So it is quite likely that one of those will actually be a spin-off live-action Gambit movie.

    May 26, 2011 at 6:13 am

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