Half Japanese – Bonehead

I first knew of Half Japanese on the Let Them Eat Jellybeans Compilation. Can’t actually remember the track. A good friend of mine shared this to me one time and honestly haven’t got the chance to sit down and listen to it wholeheartedly. I don’t really have that much info on these guys so I surfed the net for a more detailed review. Check this out:

On Bone Head, Half Japanese continues with their formula of quirky guitar riffs mixed with Jad Fair’s offbeat lyrics and vocals. Early on, the album includes a wealth of references to the strange and bizarre, including Frankenstein on “A Night Like This” and “Sometimes.” The band’s musical approach is unconventional and Fair’s vocals remain wonderfully unusual, stuck in the punkish style of letting it all hang out despite vocal limitations. Fair’s lyrics remain light and optimistic, especially on tracks like “Song of Joy,” “Kiss Me Like a Frog,” and “Celebration.” Mostly, though, the music is edgy and goofy in an utterly original way. On “Rhumba,” a flurry of eccentric sounds creates a wonderfully cerebral instrumental, which is followed by the frantic “Intergalactic Aliens.” The band is at the top of their game on the sequence of “Now I Know,” “Brand New Sky,” and “Should I?,” with Fair’s nasally tinged vocals dancing on top of the band’s thoughtful and often freewheeling instrumentation. An alternate version of “Song of Joy” follows. The album ends with a cover of Primal Scream’s “Movin’ on Up.” The trio also includes guitarist John Sluggett and drummer Gilles Reider. Tim Foljahn of Two Dollar Guitar and Steve Petter guest on some songs. The album was recorded in Switzerland and was released by Alternative Tentacles Records in early 1997. – AllMusic Review

Half Japanese – Bonehead


4 responses

  1. I’ve added your link on mi blog

    this site is very great

    November 2, 2008 at 4:50 pm

  2. pd: I’m looking for music of “feathead suburbia”, is a great band that was including in the Big City VA “Ain’t too pretty” ep

    If you have it, you would post please? 😉

    (escuse me, my inglish sucks)

    November 2, 2008 at 4:57 pm

  3. myfatetohate

    No worries, I’ll see if I can salvage a copy of that comp and post it here. Stay tuned!

    And thanks for the link-back… =)

    November 3, 2008 at 4:20 am

  4. Wagner Jr.

    Bonehead is a good Half Japanese CD for sure. Much more organized and rock than early Half Japanese but generally a wild offering nonetheless featuring good songs that move along in an entertaining fashion. This may not sound like earthshaking praise, but when it comes to music I am not all that easily entertained and am rather impatient. I appreciate the value placed on pithy, to-the-point songwriting. Ironically, one of my HJ later faves is Heaven Sent which is one song clocking in at over an hour long! But it’s very entertaining, too.

    February 21, 2011 at 6:31 pm

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